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How to Wear a Blazer Right

You’re not wearing your blazer properly.? Well … you’re probably not wearing a blazer while reading this. However, when you do wear a blazer, odds are you’re wearing it wrong. The blazer goes against every clothing ethos most of us are comfortable wearing:? soft, loose, unstructured, casual.? None of these qualities can be found in blazers but once you start wearing one you’ll get used to it in a hurry. The added suave, smart, slick and sexy that girls will see is going to grow on you.

Let’s start with the underlying principle here:? women are clothing aficionados.? A well-dressed man speaks volumes before he’s even made eye contact ? he’s someone who has got it together, who has a head on his shoulders.? Someone who is adept enough to dress that well must be, on some level, attuned to what a woman wants (I know, right?!? Talking to one of my closest female friends was very insightful on this matter).? Something as simple as throwing on a blazer can take your style from unnoticeable to sexy with no additional effort involved.? The key to wearing a blazer is the fit. Most men wear their blazers too loose (Donatella Versace herself has complained about this ? what else is new).

When you’re buying a blazer make sure that it fits in the shoulders ? the shoulder should end right at the top of your arm, without drooping over.? The cuff, when your arm is at a right angle, should not go past the wrist.? You should be able to button it up, but there shouldn’t be too much room in it. This is sort of a judgment call because everyone has a different torso, but it should very closely follow the shape of your body, emphasizing the ‘V’ shape. The ‘V’ gives you a more powerful-looking build, which women love.? Also, the jacket should end just below the widest part of your hips.? This blazer by Merc ( is one of my faves.? It’s fitted, pretty basic but high-quality.? I prefer pinstripes because they accentuate your build.

On another personal note, if you’re just going out to the bar a 2-button blazer looks best.? 3 buttons make it look more formal ? better suited for the office or impressing at a well-to-do restaurant. Also, I tend to go for blazers that don’t button too high.? It’s more comfortable and shows some of your shirt from beneath.? I also really like this jacket by Modern Amusement (also at It’s a bit more of a retro look that still looks very stylish. When you’re looking around for a blazer I recommend finding one that has details you like. Unique details help to make a jacket stand out and if you like it you’ll wear it that much more confidently. Which is, according to every girl I’ve talked to, a great quality:? a guy who can dress well and pull it off with confidence.? Whether your blazer is looking good as you wear it or lying by the bed of some beautiful woman, you will thank it for the added stud power it brings you.


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