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Updating Your Look (day 3)

This is the third day in our 31 Days to Better Game series here at TSB. The first two lesson dealt more with the thoughts that go through your mind and your inner game. Today’s lesson deals with whats on the outside.

Day 3

Updating Your Look by Bobby Rio

There is a misused phrase being tossed around in regards to attracting women… “Looks don’t matter.” The phrase should have been worded “Looks only matter so much.”

There is no denying that physical attractiveness makes it easier for attraction to take place. But you don’t need to be naturally good looking to make a good first impression.

If you’ve read The Game you know that the first advice Mystery gave Neil Strauss was to improve upon his look. He had the less than handsome Strauss shave his balding head, get a tan, grow a goatee, hit the gym, and change his wardrobe. If you’ve seen the before and after pictures you know what a drastic improvement these simple steps made.

Like Strauss says, “You’ve got to present your best self.”

I wrote a post a couple months ago called 10 Ways to Immediately Make Yourself More Attractive. I highly recommend reading over that list. The list includes simple to improve areas like skin color, hair style, smiling, posture and grooming tips. By just implementing these 10 tips you will begin to not only look more attractive, but you will begin to feel much more attractive.

What I did not include on that list but is equally important is maintaining a fit body. I’m not saying that you have to look like David Beckham… but you know deep inside if you’re body can be improved upon. If you look in the mirror and see things jiggling, there is no excuse not hit to hit the gym. If you’re unsure of how to lose that extra weight check out this article about shedding unwanted pounds… if you’re looking to gain some muscle read this article on bulking up for the summer. If you want further information on designing a weight loss/muscle gain plan read this free personal trainer program-the site has like five hundred articles on every aspect of weight training and nutrition.

After you’ve improved upon the areas of your appearance that needed some work… its time to update your wardrobe. I am not a firm believer in peacocking in the sense that Mystery and Style teach. But I do believe in using clothes and accessories as a way to attract positive attention. More importantly is dressing in a way that promotes your self confidence.

If you’ve got little or no sense of fashion than read through our men’s fashion articles here at the site. We’ve had a couple fashion consultants contributing articles to make your choices easier. If you’re still looking for more advice than I would recommend purchasing Brad P’s Fashion Bible.

If you still have questions regarding how to go about updating your life you might find an article I wrote for my How to Be Popular in High series helpful. Although the article was geared toward high school students there is advice on creating your image that can be applied to all age groups. The article also talks about creating a presence and takes quite a bit from the classic article The 7 Elements of Charisma.

Today’s Homework

Today you need to make the necessary changes to present your best self. No matter what area of your physical appearance (if any) needs an overhaul there is more than enough information contained in this lesson to get you well on your way.

Remembers just because “Looks only matter so much” you shouldn’t use that as an excuse to be lazy about your appearance. Would you be attracted to a girl who isn’t doing her best to present herself to you?

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