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Priceless End of Date Video


The ending took me by surprise here and I got a kick out of it. I’ve never been so blatantly caught… but I’ve had moments similar where it was tough to look the parents in the eyes for awhile.

How about you guys? Any good stories of blunders with the parents? How did you recover? HAHA I don’t know if you can recover from something like this video.


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  1. Chase

    June 25, 2008 at 2:10 pm

    You want parents stories? Here are my best.

    Age 16:

    It was monsoon season…raining all the time. Well one night there was water leaking down the foyer wall. Just so happens my bedroom was on top on the second floor…and I had a waterbed. So my dad and step-mom go upstairs and start ripping drawers out from under the bed to see if it’s leaking. That damn woman pulled out a drawer she wasn’t supposed to and found 25 condoms. Let’s be honest here…with that many condoms you’re not just looking to be safe if something were to come up.

    I was out with my friends doing whatever 16 year olds do. When I got home about 10, there they were at the kitchen table with 25 Trojans in front of them. I got the ‘let’s keep it in your pants speech’ everytime I took my gf out for the next month.

    Age 17:

    This one was bad. She assured me her family had just gone out to the movies. So we’re going at it on the stairs (which is right in front of the front door). Well…her brother forgot his asthma meds. In walked her 10 y/o brother and 13 y/o sister followed by both parents. I guess I mooned her entire family.

    Don’t get me wrong I was scared shitless. Her father was cleaning his guns when I picked her up for the prom. On the stairs, I turned my head around just in time to see her mother’s jaw drop and her dad covering the kids eyes and taking them out of the house. I threw on my clothes and was out the back door like you wouldn’t believe. I must’ve set a landspeed record running home.

    A few hours later her parents showed up at my house. When I saw them through the peephole the only thing I could think of doing was running upstairs and locking myself in my room. Call me a pussy if you want to. At 17 wtf would you do? It was never discussed so I don’t really know what was said, but I did hear a lot of shouting.

    To this day I have no idea what happened to her. We never spoke again and her family conviently moved to a highschool district on the other side of town. I did get the speech from my step-mom for a while.

    Age 18:

    Last but not least, the summer before college. My parents had just bought a new house and were trying to sell the old one. There was no furniture left in it but what better place for logistics, right?

    Fucking wrong. Worked well for a few weeks, but anyways. There was this little built in office desk right off the kitchen/garage that was just the perfect height for sex. I’ll consider myself lucky I parked my car funny in the driveway because twenty minutes into it I hear the garage door going up.

    After telling her to grab her shit and get to the bathroom I got dressed in 15 seconds flat. Not kidding…must’ve been adrenaline. I’m talking boxers, jeans, socks, shoes, shirt, bracelet, ring and watch. I pulled a Houdini.

    In walks my father with the realtor. Outside of me having a stupid grin on my face things were fine until she walked out of the bathroom. My dad just gave me a laugh, here I am in the kitchen of an empty house with this stupid smile and my girlfriend walks out of the bathroom and can’t look anyone in the eyes.

    My step-mom gave me the speech until the day I went to college.


    Well this was one hell of a trip down memory lane. See ya from Germany.

  2. Alex Kay

    June 26, 2008 at 3:57 am

    Chase, those were awesome stories.

    Great advertisement, too…

    Alex Kay’s last blog post..How To Meet and Talk to Girls 365 Days a Year

  3. lilez0521

    July 23, 2008 at 9:48 am

    Age 14:
    It was during the summer and this girl and i were making out in my room, and the door was open. Well i slipped my hand in her pants and next thing i know, in walks my dad… Well he calls me down stairs and gives me the lecture and what not. Then to make matters worse he turns to me and tells me boy you need to go wash your hand right now cause it stinks… Just thinking about is hysterical.

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