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10 Fashion Sins to Avoid

D40First impressions are the most important. People will make a generalization about you within 30 seconds of meeting you.

If you weren’t naturally blessed with a keen sense of fashion you probably won’t develop one over night. But in the mean time you can avoid some common fashion blunders that many men tend to make.

Just by paying closer attention to these 10 things you will have a much better shot at making a positive first impression.

1. Don’t wear pants that are too short.

Your pants need to be long enough to cover your socks. They should just cover the heal of your shoe. Also avoid letting the pants get bunched up around the ankle.

2. Don’t wear socks that don’t match. Or white socks with shoes.

14-July-2007Yes, I know that for some reason it is always impossible to find a pair of matching socks. We all deal with it. But it is no excuse to throw on a pair of white socks when you’re rocking a pair of shoes. The minute your pants rise up your ankle and expose your white sock… you’re game is over. On the same note, in your struggle to find a matching pair… Never mismatch different socks thinking no one will notice.

3. Don’t wear cheap shoes or sneakers.

If there is one item that you should invest a little more money into it’s your sneakers or shoes. Athletic sneakers should only be worn at the gym. You should only be stepping foot in Payless for work boots. If you don’t trust your taste in sneakers bring a friend with you to help.

4. Don’t wear belts that don’t match.

The color of your belt should generally match the color of your shoes. You also want to make sure your belt is a decent brand. A cheap belt looks cheap.

5. Don’t wear your clothes to lose.

Wearing oversized clothes tend to make you look sloppy and un stylish. Your shirts should fit nicely on your body, and your pants should be the right length and width. If you’re unsure of your measurements go to a tailor and have them tell you what sizes you should be buying.

6. Don’t wear too many colors.

When you’re putting your outfit on pay attention to how many colors are prominently featured in your outfit. I would stick to three or less. You want your look to be coordinated. If you’re not sure what colors can go together check out a color wheel online. Colors opposite each other are “complimentary” and can go together. Colors adjacent to each other are called “analogous.” Try to put together an outfit sticking to complimentary and analogous colors.

Shorts!7. Don’t wear too many fabrics.

The trick to matching fabrics is avoiding thicker winter fabrics in the summer. Summer fabrics tend to be single layered and lighter. You should coordinate your outfit with similar fabrics.

8. Don’t wear colors that are unflattering.

Awhile back Vanessa wrote a great little article on matching your outfits to your skin tone. If you haven’t read that article check it out. Certain colors go much better with certain skin tones.

9. Don’t let your tie hang incorrectly.

First of all, you better know how to properly tie a tie. If you’re unsure of your ability practice until you get it perfect. A disheveled tie will throw an entire outfit off. Ties should always reach your belt line. Ties any shorter will make you look like an idiot.

10. Don’t wear a tie with a short sleeved shirt.

Personally I avoid short sleeve button downs period. I always find it better to roll the sleeves up on a short sleeve. If you do wear a short sleeve button down dress shirt; don’t even think about wearing a tie with it.

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