Johnny Depp has Unique Style

To continue with celebrity style imitation, this week shall spotlight Johnny Depp, the man who made casual shirts and over accessorizing sexy and stylish. The difficult portion of mimicking this kind of style is the foundation behind it. Supposedly Mr. Depp dresses in this manner to express his unique self and his unflappable disregard of trends and commentary.

Ergo, I recommend having this inclination within you before putting on the garb. Otherwise the whole “trying too hard” essence may follow you around stronger than an old woman’s perfume after she violently hugs you… or am I the only one being embraced by smelly women at family gatherings?

The source of Johnny’s style begins with the shirt. He has been seen in brighter colors like turquoise and orange, but he is known for his unassuming white, black, charcoal grey, deep brown or midnight blue crew neck and v-neck T-shirts as well as undertanks (wife-beaters.)

You will find that has a variety of James Perse T-Shirts in these colors that embody the Johnny Depp look: worn, shorter hem, slim fit. If you are feeling extra feisty, feel free to tear a few holes in it.

For jeans, you can go holy or just worn in, but they can’t be trendy; no indigo tint, no wild graphics. Think a good pair of Levis, medium blue wash with plain back pockets and some wear lines in the crotch and hip region.

From here it is all about the accessories. While on, pick up a more traditional looking fedora versus the currently popular slimmer brim version. Think neutrals, grays and brown for the color. Also look into a worn in, but simple belt.

Then you must pile on the jewelry, all easily found on or You will need a watch, a leather band, some beaded bracelets, a couple of necklaces and a handkerchief or scarf to wrap around one of your crowded wrists. Although it may look like he is tending to a wound, this piece of fabric is a staple for his everyday look. Perhaps it’s for luck, or maybe he’s just prepared, but either way he pulls it off.

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