Eliminate Your Desires, Be Excellent, and Retreat

Six Million Dollar ManDid you ever see the movie The Tao of Steve? Its all about some fat, scrubby, has been named Dex, who has figured out how to get girls. In the movie he tries teaching a couple of his loser friends how he works his magic. Most of what he teaches really is true.

Dex christened the Tao after the detached cool exhibited by three Steves of the world, Steve McQueen from The Getaway, Steve Austin from The Six Million Dollar Man, and Steve Garret from Hawaii Five-O.

The Tao itself the distilled philosophy that Dex employs, very winningly, to succeed sexually with women. It consists of three rules:

  1. Eliminate your desires.
  2. Do something excellent in her presence, thereby proving your sexual worthiness.
  3. Retreat, for as Heidegger said, “We pursue that which retreats from us”.

All three pieces of advice were dead on… and more surprisingly, the movie was written by a couple women before The Game made the study of seduction mainstream.

Eliminate Your Desires

This is probably the hardest piece of advice to follow. Yes, you can try to fake it… but to actually achieve it is quite a feet.

This is all part of building the inner game needed to succeed. When you become really content and happyTemptation with who you are as a person… and where you´re headed in life… you become less and less reliant on any one particular women.

I think the only way to truly eliminate your desire for a woman is to get to the point where you know you have so many options that you can afford to lose this one.

This is the reason girls tend to be attracted to guys with girlfriends… because they are desireless. I remember back in college a sorority girl telling me that she was attracted to me at a mixer because I was the only one there content with having a good time with my friends… and not a hungry wolf all over the sorority sisters… of course this was only true because I had a girlfriend…

Be Excellent

brandnewphilly13.jpgThis one is self explanatory.. and the basis of the whole demonstrate higher value phenomon that broke lose after the publication of The Game… with guys doing magic , palm reading, and a whole host of other monkey tricks.

This is the same technique used by guys for years for attracting women. This is why rock stars, athletes, artists, and actors get the women. They are being excellent in front of millions of girls… but it even works in a small scale like the high shcool quarterback banging the hottest chearleader.

Instead of running out and learning magic tricks… why don´t you just perfect something you are already passionate about. If you´re into yoga… be the best yoga instructor in your state. If you´re into paint ball… be the best paint ball player… or the best skateboarders… or the best WOW player… it doesn´t matter what it is, only that you´re one of the best performing it.



So simple… yet so hard to do. But this concept is so gold its not even funny. It works in all aspects of life including business, friendship, and sales. You give someone a taste of something… then take it away… which automatically increases its value.

Its like if you were at a bar talking to some girl you were only mildly attracted to… in your mind you though20/365-"If anything is sacred, the human body is sacred."~Walt Whitman this was going to be an easy home run. Then suddenly she turn and she is off talking to another guy… how much more do you instantly want her? Alot more than when you thought you had her.

So many guys fail at this because they are afraid to bluff. These are probably the same guys who believe a car salesman when he says ¨if you don´t buy it today.. the price goes up tomorrow.

Of course the price doesn´t go up. In all likelihood the price will go down, because the salesman had a taste of a sale… only to have it slip away.

You need to give a girl a taste of your best self… and then pull a bluff. Retreat for a bit and make her wonder. This is nothing new… this is standard stuff. But stuff guys keep messing up, nonetheless.

This is all a cornerstone in what we teach in the Unlock Her Legs Program.

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