Roosh Says: Keep The Conversation Interesting

New question about conversation…

Hey Roosh,

I have really been putting into practice you’re use of conversational threads in PU that I’ve read in your book, Bang. I feel that very few PU schools teach the use of convo threads, and your use of threading and routines definitely provides insight that only more advanced PU schools talk about. It has helped me not to run out of things to say.

But I’m curious about your thoughts on how to have better stories in your game. I know that stories must convey your personality, it matters how you tell them more than what you say, BUT having interesting material talk about adds to the repertoire of your identity.

There are only so many bar and club stories that I can tell. And god forbid I’m not in a bar, but in a coffee shop or on the sidewalk, and I get passed the initial point of vibing with the girl. How do I add to my collection. Stories of adventure, mischief, fun, insight into a topics people don’t talk about? What if you don’t have the time or money to go globe trotting like you did for months at a time. This goes back to having various and more interesting experiences.

I’d appreciate any suggestions.


Books. Short of experience, it’s the next best thing. It’s impossible for them not to give you ideas and topics to use in convesation, no matter how strange the book might be. For example I just read “The Jungle,” a 100-year-old book about the meatpacking industry, and sure enough it has come up in conversations with girls about food and eating meat in general.

I have the stories from my crazy family and day-to-day activities, my travel experience, my thoughts on the world, and things I’ve learned in books. Whether I’m really well-rounded or not, it comes across that I am, since I don’t focus on any one thing

Reading books sounds like an obvious or non-intuitive answer but keep in mind that 90% of people don’t bother reading anything besides magazines and blogs. A fun, cheap book to start with is “Mean Genes.”

With all the knowledge swimming in my head, I can talk to a wall for several hours without any difficulty, and that wall will find it interesting I’m sure. Bottom line: knowing interesting things will lead to interesting conversation.

Roosh is the author of Bang, a 60,000 word guide to getting laid that we review here. He recently contributed his First Date Survival Guide as part of the 31 Days To Better Game series.

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About Roosh "Roosh is a Washington DC native and worked as a scientist until he pulled out of the rat race to pursue a slower lifestyle. A member of the old Mystery's Lounge, Roosh built up his game after college, cumulating with the release of his book Bang almost seven years later. Currently he is writing his second book about his six month trip to South America in late 2007."

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