The 5 Sexiest Celebrity Spreads of 2008

The 5 Hottest Celebrity Photo Galleries of 2008

It was another stellar year for celebrity photos. It seems the stars are getting more and more comfortable taking it off for the camera. I’d personally like to thank Pete the Freshman for spending his nights compulsively searching the web, to bring you guys the best of the best.

I’d like to call this TSB Magazine’s top 5 photo galleries of 2008, but that would be a lie. These are Bobby Rio’s extremely biased Top 5. These are the five galleries posted here on TSB Magazine that I spent the most time ogling over.

Here they are!

#5 Gisele Bündchen Topless GQ Spread

In these pictures Gisele reminds us, again, just why we hate Tom Brady so much. Gisele is the picture perfect super model.

What I love about this gallery is that I can just picture being there, lying in bed with her, on a rainy Sunday afternoon, watching the Patriots lose, and laughing together a moment, before resuming another marathon sex romp.

Yes, what makes Gisele so special… is that she seems so entirely out of reach.

#4 Sara Larson’s Drunken Vegas Rampage

Now that Sara Larson and George Clooney aren’t dating anymore, her 15 minutes have officially ended.? But these pictures will live on.

I don’t know what exactly attracted me the most to this gallery.? Maybe it was the nostalgia it brought for my days of frat parties and endless strings of sorority girls… or maybe it was just comforting to know that even George Clooney’s girlfriend crosses the line from time to time.

Or maybe I just have a foot fetish and love the picture of some random guy sucking her toes.

#3 Bia and Branca, the Brazilian Olympic Twins

I love twins.? I love Brazilians. I particularly love Brazilian twins who are comfortable enough with each other to lie around a bed half naked.

This gallery is a strong reminder of why Brazil is home of the greatest women on the planet.? Not only are these girls extremely attractive, but they give off a genuine vibe that they are capable of showing a gringo a really good time.

Men, if you haven’t been to Rio de Janeiro… get there at least once before you die.

#2 Elizabeth Banks See Through T-Shirt Spread

A few months ago I went to the movies to see Zack and Mira Make a Porno… I developed such a crush on Elizabeth Banks during that movie that when it ended I snuck into the next theatre to watch her play Laura Bush in W.

A few days later Pete posted this Elizabeth Banks gallery that amplified my crush ten fold.  See through t-shirts are just so damn sexy I could explode… in fact I already did, several times all over myself while staring at these photos.

She is adorable… and sexy.  A rare find.

#1 January Jones Sexually Frustrated

I fell in love with the show Mad Men four episodes in.? I fell in love with Betty Draper the minute Pete posted this gallery of her.

There is just some raw animalistic sexual frustration showing through January Jones smirky smile.? And after watching her get her self off with a wash machine on Mad Men, I have no trouble visualizing what January is going to do once the camera man leaves.

Yes, January Jones was my favorite TSB Magazine celebrity gallery post of 2008.

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