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Why Ugly Guys Have it Easier

And Why I Used to Wish I was Ugly

You know why a four hundred pound obese slob has it easy?

He probably isn’t scoring any women. But he has a good excuse. He knows what his problem is. He can hold onto to that shimmer of hope that once he loses the weight… things will get easy.

Sure, he wishes he has the will power to lose the weight. But more than likely he’s already convinced himself it is genetics. He was screwed from birth. He had no say in the matter.

Us decent looking guys don’t have it so easy.

Our heads get all kinds of fucked up by our lack of success with women. It eats us up. Here we are, more attractive than the majority of the guys out there walking around with beautiful women, and yet we’re still alone.

I know it drove me crazy. I’d get home from a bar, after spending the night either too scared to talk to girls, or having conversations with them that even bored the shit out of me, and I’d lay in bed for hours wondering what the hell was wrong with me.

Hell, I’d even blow the lay ups; the girls that cold approached me, the girls my buddies set me up with, the fat ones. It was pretty damn embarrassing. I’d be constantly explaining to my friends why I just couldn’t hook up. And quite frankly they got sick of hearing my excuses.

And it is for that reason, I still feel extremely grateful to David DeAngelo, and his now classic book Double Your Dating. For the first time, I felt like a book talked to guys like me. Guys, who for all intensive purposes should have been hooking up, but weren’t.

It wasn’t the first book on pick up I read. The first was Ross Jeffries. But Ross targets guys whose main problem were their looks. Looks were never my main problem. My main problem was attitude.

DYD addressed this problem brilliantly. I remember reading through the book and continually experiencing these AH-HA moments where I would suddenly realize how much I needed the advice this book was offering.

When I read about cocky & funny, it clearly made sense why certain friends of mine were pulling girls so easily. As he explained the concepts behind flirting and building attraction, I became keenly aware of how little attraction I must have been creating. But for the first time, I became filled with hope. I had finally found my remedy.

I often tell people that even if I never read another book on attracting women after finishing DYD… I would still have improved ten fold over my previous self. And I’d still be far ahead of the rest of the guys in the world who are either too proud, or too ignorant to admit they have a problem and purchase a book like this.

The truth is, even the really fat and ugly guys can benefit from a book like this. But more than likely they’ll either continue to pour them money into diet products, or give up, and spend the rest of their lives blaming their lack of success on their genetics.

For the rest of you guys. The ones who know that you’re decent looking enough that you should be dating more women (AND you really only need to be decent enough) if you haven’t already read David D’s hall of fame manuscript DYD, I would advice spending the $20 on it, and reading it a couple times. Even if it just reinforces things you think you already know… you’ll still benefit from it. I’ve been publishing articles on here from the world’s top dating coaches for over three years… and I still have DYD on my desktop to browse through it from time to time.

Read more about Double Your Dating and see if it strikes a chord with you.


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