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Can You Steal A Woman From John Stamos?

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Pirates Of The CaribbeanHow many times have you seen the woman of your dreams being courted or seduced by a well-dressed, athletic, good and rich looking guy, inside of a social venue -who knows maybe its John Stamos himself, and you’re thinking to yourself.

“There is no way in hell I can get that girl to choose me over him”

Well I got some news for you…that’s a bunch of bullshit! You can have any woman you want but you need the right internal mindset or attitude, coupled with the right logistical game plan. In this report I am going to equip you with both.

So let’s get the party started…

Okay, what I want to address first is the importance of beliefs. See you have to understand that beliefs, such as the one stated above are not facts but simply a false interpretation of factual information that has been conditioned within your mind as being true by you. Your sub-conscious mind then takes this belief and filters the world around you through it, making it a part of your reality. In other words, whatever belief you hold to be true in your mind will actually come to fruition as is based on the very powerful “law of attraction.”

This mental law states that whatever you hold to be true in your mind in terms of dominant images and thoughts will manifest itself into your reality.

How the Law of Attraction Works

For instance, if you believe that you won’t give a good speech as a public speaker, your sub-conscious mindWhat I Am Reading will actually affect your motor skills, to validate that belief, by causing you to shake and act nervous. It will influence your vocal phrasing manner causing you to speak fast and in a nervous manner, it will make sure that your vocal projection is low and weak, it will cause you to exhibit facial spasms or nervous ticks, etc. Consequently, your speech will not emote people, resonate within their minds and in fact gain any kind of positive feedback from the audience.

On the other hand if you believe that you’re the man and that everyone will be mesmerized by your words and captivated by your body language, vocal projection, charm and presence, then similarly this belief will influence your sub-conscious mind to outwardly affect your non-verbal mannerisms in a powerful way. It will cause you to speak with volume and power, it will cause your facial expressions to become dynamic, your tonality to become animated. In other words, you will speak each word with coherence, clarity and power and will in fact mesmerize those who are listening to you.

This is the power of belief. It is based on the premise that your psychology influences your physiology and vice versa.

Another way a belief or your concept of reality can affect you is by bringing forth actual events, situations and circumstances into reality

Which Comes First, The Chicken or the Egg?

For instance. if you believe that you can’t get stunning, high quality women, then you will actually notice that for no reason, women of beauty and quality don’t flirt with you, acknowledge you or even give you the time of day. In fact you’ll see that they give more attention to someone who’s less attractive, less ambitious and less financially stable than you. We’ve all been there right? Of course!

How can this be , you might have asked?

FruitionAh…very easy my friend. You bought into the physical realm what you thought to be true in the mental one.

Remember, whatever you believe to be true or not will be manifested in real life, so why not foster powerful beliefs and discard destructive ones.

So how do we destroy any and all limiting beliefs that are plaguing our mind ? Easy by discrediting their foundation.

See, what is really important to remember is that many of the beliefs you have, in particular the belief that you have to be super good looking, rich or young to attract and date beautiful women which is preventing you from competing with John Stamos, comes from the bad decision you’ve made with respect to what something factual means.

In fact this belief should be blamed on the biggest scam in the world-Corporate Advertising.

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