Storytelling: 5 Tips to Get it Right

Storytelling: Top 5 Tips to Get it Right

Alan TudykYou’ve probably heard from somewhere… maybe even from me, that in order to get a woman attracted to you, you need to be able to tell her a great story to prove how attractive you are.

Well, let’s get one thing very straight first. That is BULLSHIT. You do not need to tell a great story to attract a woman. But you do need to have a great story about yourself, and know your own story in order to display the confidence that women crave like chocolate ice cream and shoe sales combined.

When you meet a hottie, please know that telling her a long-ass story bragging about how cool you are is only going to turn her off. But if you know how to talk like a great storyteller, and convey emotion and express yourself with passion, you have an edge. So here are my top 5 tips for being a great storyteller (without sounding like a hard-on braggart… the kind that bores people to death and bores women dry).

1. Express yourself. You need to put emotion into your speech patterns. Think of the teachers you’ve had in your life. The best ones made their passion come through with every word, even in boring topics like Calculus. But the worst teachers were the ones who said everything in a monotone that communicated to you that even they weren’t interested in what they were saying.

2. Change tones with your voice. When you are talking about something excited, get yourself excited. When you are talking about something intimate, get quiet and intense. You have to sell yourself when you talk to people, and varying your tone like a great actor will do that.

3. Every story you tell is your story. It doesn’t matter if it’s about someone else, or you, or totally fictional. The best stories work in first person. Like Will Hunting said to Sean in “Good Will Hunting,” “it’s a fucking joke. It works better in the first person.”

4. Study charismatic speakers. Tony Robbins. Spalding Grey. Even Bill Clinton. The world is full of people who get paid very well for their ability to talk. You can learn just by listening to them, and imitating them. Pick up speech patterns you like. Borrow mannerisms. Just as great visual artists start by copying the fundamentals from masters, you can copy the fundamentals from speakers, and when you practice it, you will find your own style.

5. Never TELL a story. Engage in conversation. Even if your story is compelling and exciting, you MUST relate it to the person you are talking to. Intersperse verbal cues like “you know what I mean?” Watch to see they are listening. Even the best story goes unheard if the speaker doesn’t pull in his audience.

There’s a lot more to teach about the Art of Storytelling when it comes to attracting great women into your life, and my next bootcamp will explore and teach all the steps.

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About Sean Messenger Sean Messenger former head instructor for Pickup101, who left the company in 2007, for "philosophical reasons" to form LVO3. LVO3 sole purpose is to move guys beyond the game and into what Sean calls Higher Game. Higher Game isn't some new angle or emphasis on one area of pickup. It's not a rehash of the same old things. This is about being real, genuine and authentic. About being you, not some fake, carefully choreographed and rehearsed pickup artist. Whatever you do to attract her in the first place, you have to keep doing for the duration of the relationship to keep her attracted. Eventually you will find a woman you want to be real with, what do you do when you attracted her by being fake? Forever is a long time to be something you are not. There is another way, a better way...

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