Do you have “it”?

Not all are created equal...

In the beginning days of? college my friends and I used to talk a lot about what makes successful people different than us. What make that person so much better than me? Who says I can’t do the same thing?

Well it’s been a few years now and I have learned a lot more about myself and a hell of a lot more about working with other people as well. During this time I have come up with a theory on certain types of success and how they differ, I break it into two basic categories:

  1. People who have “it”
  2. People who don’t have “it”

What is “it”?

First off, if you are reading this article and you still don’t know what “it” is, then you probably don’t have “it”. Not to be worried, because you can still be successful at many things. “It” is the ability to learn almost anything immediately and right off the bat be good at it. It’s like that guy in gym class who is good at every sport he tries, the salesman who can sell anything; even the bum that manages to live a decent life on the street with no effort. All these situations require ‘it”, yet so many people don’t have “it”.

In my experience, most of the people that have “it”, usually don’t use it to their potential. You have a ton of people out there pushing and grinding in college, business and life, but most of them don’t have “it”. On the flip side there are many people who have “it” and just have no balls to take what they should.

People who have “it”

If you are a person who has “it”, you know it. It’s like this little voice that is always there in your head telling you that you will be OK. Maybe you don’t have life figured out (yet), but you know that you will make it somehow because you have that knack for stuff. Everyone hated you because things came easy, but that’s life because you have “it”…get used to it.

People who don’t have “it”

You have to work harder at things in life, and this makes you who you are. You understand that you may not have “it”, but you will be smart about things and align yourself with people that do have “it” and contribute hard work instead for your success (a/k/a sweat equity). Like they say, if you can’t beat them, join them.

Know Your Role

Now I am sure I will get some heat about this but I want to voice my honest feelings here. Many success coaches and gurus will tell you that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. I completely disagree, you have to know your strengths and weaknesses in life.

A person who has “it” would look at the previous statement and say, “well maybe I can accomplish most things, but there are a few things I may not be able to do”.

A person who does not have “it” would probably say, “wow!, I never thought about it that way, I can do anything!” (immediately signing up for the next seminar)

Get my point?

Learn these tricks at a young age grasshopper and you will become great warrior

– Mike Stoute


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