5 Questions with Vince Kelvin

About Openers, Archetypes, and Number Closes

Vince Kelvin is the founder of SeductionCoaching.com and VinceKelvinsPodcast.com

His wild journey to wisdom with women started in the early 90s. He has a track record of over 17000 hours of coaching clients worldwide one-on-one and has addressed over 2500 audiences. After years of both trial and error and extreme experiences with women, he and his team of trainers bring you a very genuine, practical, and simple approach to a truly fulfilling and fun social, sex, and love life! He’s super happily married, and dedicated to sharing the best recipe to embrace core satisfaction in your adventures with the opposite sex, whatever may appeal to you!

He also puts together the annual PUASummit.com with his business partner, Johnny Wolf.

1.? What gambits and openers have you found work best for day game?

To keep it really natural and flow with women’s own?rhythm, schedule, and mental and emotional state during the day, I love the?adaptability?of the system we created called O.C.Q.T., because it allows you to be right there with her, and facilitate a genuine connection and organic escalation.

O stands for observation! Observe how women’s clothing often match in set…how they may walk at the same time…or wear a truly unique item, maybe very focused…we have listed hundreds of things you can observe…

C is for comment! The comment helps you to test where’s she’s at, so you better calibrate what comes next.

Q means question! As often women are in motion during the day, it helps you to?stop them. And we ask double ended questions, so it leads to more than just YES or NO, and neither she or you are ever off.

And T is simply topic! To once and for all solve the common challenge of running out of?things to say, a topic helps you to then lead into anything, from qualification to “on the spot” DHVS.

Here’s an example of?O.C.Q.T. in a common everyday situation.

Let’s say coffee place, observation, she’s focused on her lap top:

Comment “Hey, I know you’re working on your lap top, it’s just that you seem so focused, I gotta ask you…

Question “Is this something you had to work on, or do you tend to be naturally more focused?”

Topic “How our ability to focus greatly depends on what you focus on…”

Then you can topic escalate into “And when you’re focusing on what you truly enjoy, me…then…I think…”

Now of course be certain to add time constraints, to take away the?opportunity?for her to do so!

The beauty of OCQT, is that then you combine it with all the other classic stuff… Many guys tend to open in a un-dimensional way. They are either too direct, or too indirect. Why not combine…

Example…Let’s say you open her direct, my direct opener?formula?is…”It’s just that there’s a cuteness

(or playfulness, vibe, etc.) about you that made me want to at least say hello…”

Awesome, then you can observe something about her, or the way she responds, and OCQT, or vice-versa, start with an?observational?opener, then go direct…

I find that the key for day game is to avoid, in most case, going too?extreme… So she doesn’t sense you as “The pickup guy”, or just someone social without interest…

Then to accelerate attraction I use the ITSU model…but that is a whole different?topic!

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