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5 questions about Savoy and Love Systems on the Tyra show

The Love Systems Tyra Banks Video

Savoy and Braddock from Love Systems on the Tyra Banks Show

1.  If some random guy was  flipping channels and came across the Tyra show and could only take one piece of information away from the
show…  what piece of advice would you want him to hear?

That Love Systems can be learned.  That he doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel or spend years trying to figure out what’s already known, proven, and available in easy-to-learn chunks.

To me, the average guy in the bar is like someone who does random experiments on himself every time he’s sick instead of consulting a doctor or medical book.

2.  What is the most unfair and false assumption people have against what you guys are teaching?

That this is somehow unfair or manipulative.  Love Systems doesn’t believe in gurus or grand theories.  We’re only interested in what works in the real world with beautiful women, and how to teach it.  Our most junior instructor can disagree with me, and if he’s got the data to back it up, we’ll change what we teach instead of ignoring it or explaining it away.   If he has trained a bunch of (say) Asian clients over the age of forty and see that they get better results by doing X instead of Y, we’re all going to start doing X.  We’re passionate about real world results.

In other words, because we only teach what works, what we teach is by definition what beautiful women respond to and want.  There’s nothing manipulative about giving women exactly what they want.  And it’s not unfair to anyone except for men who haven’t had the chance to study Love Systems.

3.  If you could help the women in the audience understand one thing about men, what would it be?

I’m actually writing a book for women now, so there’s way more than one thing…  But to pick one example, I think women are their own worst enemy when it comes to making decisions about guys.

Study after study shows that women decide whether a man is someone they could potentially sleep with within the first 90 seconds.  That’s not enough time to get to know someone.  If you judge guys in an artificial environment (like a bar) based on how they approach you as a complete stranger, what you’ll get is men who are really good at making first impressions.

That’s one of the reasons Love Systems (formerly Mystery Method Corp) bootcamps have so many drills and exercises for approaching and why we spend so much time making sure you get all of the little things right.  If women are going judge a guy based on 90 seconds like it’s some kind of exam – well, because we have the answers and the cheat sheet, we’re going to teach guys exactly what to do (and lots more besides, but you get the idea).  It’s kind of related to the last question in a way.

But at the end of the day, whether a guy is good at navigating through the first awkward seconds approaching a woman he doesn’t know (usually when she has friends around her, etc.) doesn’t tell her anything.  There’s no way being good at attracting women you don’t know has anything to do with being the kind of guy a lot of women say they want.  The only thing being good at attracting women you don’t know is correlated with is A) practice and B) learning Love Systems.

In other words, if a woman is not dating the kinds of guys she says she wants, she may either be wrong about what she actually responds to, or she is setting up the wrong kinds of filters and tests.

4.  Did anyone try to score Tyra?

Nah – there’s a time to think with the little head and a time to think with the big head.  When it comes to national TV, we try to be big head people.

I don’t know what clips they’ll show on Friday, but at one point she turned to Braddock and told him that he was a very good looking guy.  When a supermodel thinks you’re hot, you’re doing something right.

5.  The show airs Friday, what one tip or trick would you give to a guy heading out to bar later that night

Make the first move, be bold, and don’t play it safe.

There’s very little point in making a “good” impression on a beautiful woman you meet in a bar.  Guys make good impressions on her all the time – she doesn’t have time to go on 15 dates this week even if she wanted to, and given a choice, she’s going to choose a friend-of-a-friend over a random guy 10 times out of 10.  Go for the great impression, the outstanding impression that knocks her out of her comfort zone and makes her need you.  If you fail and she doesn’t like you, you’re not any worse than A) before your approach or B) making just a “good” impression.

Obviously this is easier said than done, and that’s what the rest of Love Systems is for.

Nick Savoy is President and Program Leader of Love Systems, the leading international dating coaches for men.  Find out about Love Systems, its Routines Manual, or its appearance on TV shows such as Keys to the VIP

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