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TSB Labs: Braun bodycruzer

Yet again another product has made its way to the secret TSB Labs testing facility. This time it was an interesting device called the Braun Bodycruzer. With the recent rise in manscaping and male body grooming there is a new demand for a different kind of shaver.

Normally I would use a beefy hair buzzer, say like the barbershop type…but I find that it is kind of heavy and the clips are really designed to be used for the head, not the body, therefore skipping along the skin like a rock on a lake. That’s just how it was for the early manscaping adapters, you had to improvise. Naturally being the hairy Jew I am, I was excited to use something that would make my trimming sessions easier. I’ll break up the review in to three basic parts, the device is designed with a straight razor on top so it has various uses…I wanted to concentrate on what i though were the strong points.

The Buzzer and Attachments

So when you first look at it, it resembles a beefy beard trimmer, but don’t be fooled, it has power! I really liked the way the clips were designed to fit on the device, instead of the awkward motion from the traditional hair buzzer, these clips were contoured to holding the device in a natural motion, making it a lot easier to be accurate and steady.

The buzzer itself is wireless and rechargeable with the stand included which is awesome since reaching my hairy ass is kind of tough with that wire wrapping around my legs. Plus I hate the clean up! When you are hairy like me you can easily ruin a clean bathroom in seconds, hair flies around like dust…ugh. To combat this problem, I would stand in the shower with the buzzer on an extension cord and the shower curtain closed, I know not safe, but it’s all that worked. Now all I have to do is go in the shower not worrying about any chord or chance of getting electrocuted!

One caution, I used the buzzer with no attachment on my family jewels and didn’t have the best experience. Maybe because I wasn’t doing it under water, idk…whatever the case it lead to a few nicks that immediately started bleeding. Like I said, it’s powerful, don’t be confused by its size.

The Razor on Top

The main difference from this device and other manscaping ones on the market is that it has a Gillette straight razor mounted on the top of it. The razor is adjustable into three positions. Not used, used at the same time as the buzzer, and use instead of the buzzer. I was all excited to see what the effects were, but in the end they weren’t as good as I thought. I talked about using the buzzer above so the “not used” position was covered. Using the razor at the same time as the buzzer was interesting, it worked..but if you are manscaping on the regular then you probably would not need this. I see this combo being used on someone who is really hairy, waits forever to trim it, and then wants to have a hairless body. I just don’t see that coming up a lot since most men either just trim the hair or use a straight razor alone. On top of that it requires kind of an awkward angle to hold the device at since you need to control the angle to get them both touching. This then leaves us with just the razor alone, which was nice. I like the fact that if you keep the buzzer on it makes the straight razor vibrate giving you a smoother motion and making it less likely to cut yourself. the only thing is that it’s a little heavy for this use, but some little adjusting never hurt anyone. =)

Using it in Water

By far one of the most exciting parts of the bodycruzer is the fact that you can use it in the shower. I already shave in the shower so this was a nice companion piece to start, but buzzing in the shower (with the water on) isn’t really the best option to get an even trim on your arms legs and so fourth… Body hair is all fluffy when dry and therefore easy to cut. when you’re all wet in the shower, it’s going to be hard to tell if its working while using a clip. If you are just into shaving all your hair off…then yes it works well, but I would us it dry if you just want a trim.

In closing, I really like the shaver, although I will not use it to it’s full design capacity. It just doesn’t make sense for me to cut off all my hair, I like having hair…real men have hair, neatly trimmed hair though.

And I leave you with, their sexy commercial =)


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