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6 Fun Alternatives to the Dinner Date


By: Bobby Rio

Six Date Ideas That Beat the Hell Out of Dinner and the Movies

In my recent post titled “How to Avoid the 7 Biggest First Date Mistakes” I mentioned several times that the location of a date plays a huge part in how much fun the both of you have.

Dinner dates simply do not lend themselves to fun.

Here are the main problems with taking a girl to dinner early on in your relationship with her:

  • It is expensive
  • It is too formal
  • It puts a lot of pressure on the two of you to carry a conversation
  • You’re seated across from your date making physical interaction impossible
  • It sets high expectations for further dates
  • It doesn’t lend itself to “situational” humor or fun
  • Once you’re done eating things tend to get awkward
  • It’s hard to booze her up when she is eating
  • You’re liable to spill guacamole on your shirt and look like a chump all night
  • I can go on? or do you get the point?

So after bashing dinner dates in my previous posts, I sat down and began to think of some of the better dates I have been on.? I decided to put together a list of dates that were a hell of a lot more fun than taking a girl to Cheesecake Factory.

DATE #1:? Local International street festivals or fairs

There are a lot of reasons these street fairs make for great dates.? These festivals are outside and usually there is a bit of a fun vibe surrounding them.? The large crowd makes it necessary to stay close to the girl, and gives plenty of opportunities to initiate some touching.

It is usually much easier to keep a fun, flirtatious conversation going at this sort of date because the environment lends itself to a lot of topics.? You can talk about the various “weirdo’s” walking around.? You can ask her about her favorite foods, travels, childhood memories?

These sorts of festivals are usually advertised in your local newspaper.? Here in New Jersey we have Italian festivals, Greek festivals, Brazilian festivals, Portuguese festivals?? Each one of them provides a great opportunity for a date.

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DATE #2:? Museum

I resisted the museum date for years.? I always thought it seemed too “intellectual” and could never bring myself to ask a girl to accompany me there.? Big mistake.

A couple years ago, at the suggestion of a friend, I took a girl to the Museum of Natural history in New York.? It turned out to be one of the most fun dates I had ever been on (and surprisingly involved no liquor)

The museum date is so fun because you’re constantly changing rooms.? Each room in a museum is an entirely different theme, which gives the impression that the two of you have had several dates in one.? The paintings, artifacts, and displays also give you a ton of topics to keep the conversation light and fun.

But best of all? there are plenty of dark little “secret” rooms that you can pull her into for a spontaneous make out session.

DATE #3:? Bowling

Bowling has been a staple of my dating repertoire for many years.? There is one big reason that bowling beats out other sports like mini-golf, billiards, or laser tag?. IT HAS A BAR!

The reason “sport” dates work so well is because they allow for competitive flirting.

In my post “How to Make Girls Laugh” I recommended taking it back to the playground.? A bowling date gives you the perfect opportunity to do this through teasing her, rubbing it in when you beat her, playfully cheating, and making little “friendly” bets.

It is also extremely easy to initiate some physical contact on a “sport” date.? Every time either one of you knock some pins down there is a high five.? When you tease her about her gutter ball she is bound to playfully slap you.

All the while you’re guzzling down Coronas from the bowling alley bar.

DATE #4:? Comedy Show/Appetizers

Standup comedy shows are amazing for creating a really fun vibe around the night.? They also give you and the woman a ton of call-back humor to use throughout the night.

The trick with this kind of date is that you need to go to the early showing of the comedy show? then grab appetizers afterwards at Fridays or Chilli’s.? This way by the time the two of you wind up sucking down beers and wings? you’re already in a fun mood.

Comedy dates are great because they also give you a ton of material for later interactions.? If the comedian was really funny- you can constantly recall some of his better material at appropriate moments- re-sparking that connection.

These dates also work really well as group dates with friends.

DATE #5:? Toys R Us

Women love to shop.? They love any excuse to shop.?? And they are well aware that men are oblivious when it comes to picking out gifts.

This presents a great opportunity for a really fun afternoon or evening with a woman.

And it is completely easy.? Just pick out a niece, nephew, cousin? basically any kid you know (and truthfully you can make the damn kid up) and ask the woman to come to Toys R Us with you to pick out a toy for the kid.

Toys R Us gives you the perfect opportunity to spend an hour or so with the woman browsing down memory lane.? You can both share your favorite childhood toys.? Tell stories about how you beat up the neighborhood bully.? Or the time you shot your eye out with Red Rider BB Gun.

Toys R Us is also filled with a lot of toys that lend themselves to playful flirting.? You’ll find beach balls you can throw at her? trampolines, Super soakers, and a ton of other items that you can use as an excuse to get physical.

Once you’ve found a gift, the two of you can head across the street for a couple drinks.

DATE 6:? The Zoo

If you’ve been on a zoo date you already know? this date rocks!

The zoo contains so many different elements that make it one of the most fascinating places to take a woman on a date.

A zoo is great because there is an element of danger lurking.? It is great because women tend to get really “excited” in nature.? It is great because it opens up some really fun conversations about our animal instincts.? It brings up childhood memories.? It allows your imaginations to run wild.

I’m going to be honest, ten years ago when a girl suggested we go to the zoo? I scoffed.? I tried to talk her into grabbing drinks or seeing a movie.? I’m glad she was persistent, because to this day I still remember the date.

If you can find a zoo with a “petting zoo” all the better.

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