ReunionWatch: Seinfeld on Curb Your Enthusiasm

ReunionWatch: Seinfeld on Curb Your Enthusiasm

At this point, you don?t need any more reasons to watch HBO?s Curb Your Enthusiasm. Either it?s your cup of tea, or it isn?t. But for those of us who are into it (read: everyone with a sense of humor!) we?re about to get rewarded significantly this upcoming season with a full-blown Seinfeld reunion.

Movieline is reporting a few more details about the upcoming season of Curb, which will bring the Big Four back into the fold all playing versions of themselves. (The same way that Larry David plays ?Larry David?, not himself.) Previously, a few of them have already logged cameos on Curb, but this is the first time they?ll all be together and, more importantly, working on an episode of Seinfeld:

At this point, it is well known that Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Michael Richards will reunite for the new Curb season, premiering September 20. What we didn?t know is that Jerry and most of the others will appear in five of the ten episodes for a series arc in which the old crew writes, rehearses and in the Curb finale, actually performs scenes from an ?eleven-years-later? Seinfeld episode.

Some of you will recall that this is extremely similar to a season-long arc of Seinfeld that featured Jerry and George pitching a show ?about nothing? to the execs at NBC, culminating in the finale that featured the show actually being performed. (And mostly sucking.) If that was meta, what do you call this? Meta-meta?

In any case, maybe this will finally allow us to ignore that series finale and look at this as the actual fitting conclusion to the show.

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