Best Weekend Reading From Around the Web

popolo precario: lascia fare agli occhi e alle maniFall semester kicked off at college and we celebrated with 16 articles all about the college experience.

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Best Weekend Reading

I’ve always said there is a lot you can learn about women from romantic comedies.  Here are are 7 things romantic comedies have taught us about women.

Braddock, from Love Systems, wrote a good article about opening mixed sets.  This is a good skill to acquire.

Entropy posted an interesting article confusing emotion with oneitis.

Here is a good reminder that if triple your rate of failure- you’re a lot more likely to succeed.

Here is a nice collection of quotes from great men.  Any list of quotes that has stuff by Charles Buckowski  and Ernest Hemingway is alright with me.

Josh wrote a good article on some tips for approaching women.  And if you’re planning on going out tonight to open some sets- get your free copy of this book with nearly 200 pua openers.

If college isn’t living up your expectations… maybe you accidentally enrolled in this school.  Another decent effort from Colelge Humor.

Here is an interesting video on state control over at the pua training blog.

I mentioned this to our newsletter list the other day, but I just finished reading The Fashion Bible after having a review copy for nearly two years… Unbelievably good book.  And I stand by my opinion that fashion can change your game overnight.

For you college guys… check out this blog all about the college experience…  or better yet, pick up your copy of Conquer Your Campus.

Best Weekend Eye Candy

I don’t know who she is.  But this girl has a FANTASTIC ass.  Fantastic.

UFC Ring Girl Ali Sonoma will do “implied nude” for $300.  What will $500 get me?’

Here are 14 incredibly hot Japanese women.

I haven’t posted a gallery of Megan Fox pictures in awhile… done.

These pictures of Sophie Monk is a bikini remind us that summer ain’t over quite yet.

Playboy’s girls of ACC issue has just hit newsstand.  Take a sneak peak.

This girl Kelly Karloff is a real hot piece of ass.

I think i’m falling in love with Olivia Munn.

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