Building Social Proof and High End Club Game

5.0 is a Love Systems instructor based in London, UK. He is an expert at high-end club game and will be speaking at the Love Systems Super Conference(Oct 9-11, Las Vegas). Here’s a Q&A with him discussing high-end club game, how to build social proof, and more.

What are you going to talk about at the Love Systems Super Conference 2009?

I am going to be talking about something that I love to do almost as much as I love to teach it – social proof.

I will be covering social proofing a venue you have never been to before, as well as using social proof to create a buzz about yourself at your regular haunts. I have been fine tuning my approach to social proof over the last couple of years as I have worked my way up the London club circuit, using these techniques to allow me to frequent the most exclusive high end clubs in Europe. If you want the hottest women, you need to be able to gain access to these high-end venues, and social proof is one of the most fundamental techniques to master to make this a reality.

What are some tips to get into these high-end clubs?

As guys, the odds are massively stacked against us, even if you are willing to spend a fortune – women are the currency of these venues. Lucky for us right! I cannot break it all down here, but I will give you some bullet point tips which I have learnt the hard way.

1) Arrive early, sober, & well dressed and DON NOTT linger outside the club. Walk straight to the line – bouncers have to deal with keeping the pavements/roads clear of clubbers, so don’t make their job harder and have them remember you as being awkward.

2) Talk to the bouncers, but don’t try to ‘game’ them. A great tip is to engage them first, and offer to help make their life easier e.g. “Hey man, do you need to see my ID…?” (as you take your wallet out to hand it to him) Engaging the bouncer first is very powerful as it subcommunicates you’re high value.

3) Go in with girls. Hit a bar close to the club before hand and try to bounce some girls over. Failing that, at least try to talk to some in the line as you’re waiting. DON NOT mention going in with them, just let the bouncers assume you’re all together.

Can you share a tip or routine for building social proof?

Two words: Short setting.

As SOON as you walk into a bar, talk to someone, anyone, and say ANYTHING, but make sure it’s quick, and low compliance. Ask what time the venue shuts down, where the bathroom is, are the drinks expensive etc. Make sure you’re smiling and shake the guys hand as you leave and introduce yourself. This is handy as you have already broken the ice and should you see the group/guys with any girls you’d like to meet, you now have a warm approach as you have met them already. This is so powerful because no one else in the venue knows you, and therefore doesn’t know WHO you know. The illusion created is that you know everyone – and who tends to know everyone in a venue? People of high value.

How do you approach and extract girls from the dance floor?

Thanks for giving me the simple questions! Approaching and extracting from the dance floor is actually pretty straight forward, PROVIDING, you have social proofed the venue properly. Maybe 5% of the time, you can just go up and grind a girl, make out and pull her home with none of what I’ve been describing, but the problem is if you fail, you look like the ‘creepy dance floor guy’.

You should make sure to approach sets with AT LEAST the same energy they have, if not slightly higher, as well as remembering to smile and enjoy yourself. It’s also SUPER important not to neglect her friends, make sure you’re engaging everyone in the group, then when you want to extract, make sure you go for low compliance hoops (going for a shot for example) then you can bounce her to some sofas/secluded dark area and run your favorite comfort routine.

If you want to find out more information on the Super Conference, click here. Seats are filling up fast so make sure you book your spot!

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