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Doin’ It Yourself: The Homemade Kegerator


My first inclination when seeing a headline about any kind of “do it yourself” activity is to immediately close the tab, open up Google, and see how much it costs to get someone else to do it for me. But this one gave me pause for two specific reasons: (1) It seems really easy to do; (2) It’s a goddamn kegerator! [via Lifehacker]  has a pretty simple (and fun!) instructional video – one that’s only a tad over 2 minutes long – on how to convert an ordinary refrigerator into a full-blown, classy, house party-tastic kegerator. The items needed are simple: a fridge, a bunch of drills or other hole-punching devices, a CO2 canister, some kind of hose attachments and, ultimately, a keg. Here’s your lesson:

If anyone ends up taking up this task – despite being easy, there’s still no way I’m sullying my hands with actual hard labor – send us a photo. Especially if it ends up being a horrible disaster. First one to do so gets to give us free, chilled beer.

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