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Stupid Internet Things: The Lying Down Game


Since Al Gore invented the Internet, people have used it for extremely stupid things. From the super-annoying Hampster Dance to various awfully-designed memorial web pages for dead celebrities to anything by Perez Hilton, there is about a 10:1 ratio of Things That Are Completely Retarded to Things That Have Some Value on the Interwebs. And the latest thing to go on the first side of that ledger is some new craze called “The Lying Down Game”.

lying down

According to a news story [via The Awl] [LINK: about a few members of a British hospital staff getting suspended for playing “the game”, here are the rules:

The Facebook game involves people having their pictures taken while lying face down with their palms flat against their sides “just as if you were standing, but vertically-challenged”.

People have so far been pictured lying in jet engines, on phone boxes and up escalators. It has become a global phenomenon, with the group boasting more than 55,000 members and over 13,000 photos having been uploaded.

So, just to get this straight, a current “global phenomenon” includes people being photographed lying face down, sometimes while inside jet engines. If you are playing this game, please, don’t procreate ever.

That said, if the lying down game was considered a sport – which it most decidedly isn’t – it would still be better than soccer.

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