Do Women Want Sex As Much As Men?

Of course we do. We just want to be able to make the choice to have sex.

Speaking for myself, as a woman, I like sex. It’s fun and it feels good. What’s not to like.

I will be honest and tell you that I am a good girl who used to be very prude when I was younger.

The reason I was so prude was that I was uncomfortable. Uncomfortable with boys, my body and myself.

Not a good combo if I ever wanted to have a mind blowing sex life.

When I was 18, I went backpacking and safely kissed my way up the east coast until I met a very special guy who totally broke me out of my shell.

The first time we were making out he said to me “I want you to be comfortable. If I do anything that makes you nervous or uncomfortable, just slap my hand and I will stop.”

I can tell you there was no hand slapping and I got very comfortable.

The reason for this was because I felt that I was in charge of my sexuality.  I was given the power of the making a choice to be sexual and that alone put me at ease. I didn’t feel slutty or used. I felt respected and appreciated.

Women want to be sexual. Women want to be sexy and women want to live out crazy sexual fantasies but they need to feel safe and secure.

They want to know that they are the ones making the choice and not being forced or pushed into being sexual.

I never want to feel judged or pressured. I don’t want to be tossed in the slut category and therefore I am very conscious of who I give my sexuality to.

Women want to be unlocked. Trust me. Even the purest of pure want an adventure.

As men, you can give women a safe place to be sexual. Just like my backpacking friend did for me.

Next time you are getting intimate with a woman, try his move and I promise you will get great results.


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