14 “Game Changing” Articles on Creating Attraction in Women

A friend of mine recently broke up with a long time girlfriend of his.? This is his first time back in the field in about four years. And his game is HORRIBLE.

He had always been resistant to reading any sort of material on dating or pickup advice, but his tune is beginning to change now that the hunger is setting in. He asked me to recommend some reading material that would quickly help his game. I know that this guy is not about to sit in front of his computer and read an entire ebook or listen to some twelve hour audio course, so I decided to put together a compilation of some recent articles from TSB Magazine that our readers have claimed to have immediate impact on their game.

Instead of emailing him the individual links, I decided to create an article out of it.? This way any of you who are new to the site, or need some freshening up on some of the best techniques and methods for creating attraction, can review the articles too.

14 “Game Changing”

One of the first things you need to understand as you are trying to improve your game with women is the nature of attraction. As a guy who has been out of the game, or a guy with very little experience, it’s easy to completely lose your power and determination to pick up women.

This first collection of articles is to just show you some of the mindsets and attitudes to take on during your quest to improve your game.

Here are some Inner Game and Mindset articles

It’s Time to Be The Hero in Your Own Movie

How to Keep the Power Edge with Women

Gun to the Head Pickup

A HUGE problem guys face is that they just don’t know what to say to women while holding a conversation with them. Because of this, and the fear of running out of things to say, guys tend to spend way too much time talking about boring, banal shit.

Here are some articles on improving your conversation skills:

What to Say to Girls Explained

9 Ways to Have Better Conversations with Women (part 1)

9 Ways to Have Better Conversations with Women (part2)

9 Ways to Have Better Conversations with Women (part 3)

How to Draw Women into Your Conversations

Once you find yourself in a conversation with women you are going to need to know how to escalate the interaction through flirting. Flirting is what takes the conversation from a “friendly” level to something that has an underlying level of sexual tension.

If you don’t know how to start a conversation with a woman, I highly recommend grabbing a copy of my free ebook The Little Black Book of Openers. You should also listen to the one hour podcast that comes along with it on approaching and opening women.

Here are some articles on flirting to create attraction:

How to Make Girls Laugh

Why Being Original Doesn’t Get You Girls

The Fine and Subtle Art of Flirting

If you’ve flirted and escalated the interaction correctly, than you are going to be in a position where you should probably go for the kiss. It’s ALWAYS better to go for the kiss sooner rather than later. Most guys completely blow the kiss. And the first kiss is the moment of reckoning.

The article below contains the biggest mistake guys make when going for the kiss and how to avoid them:

The Seven Biggest Mistakes Guys Make Going for the Kiss

If you’ve made a good impression on the woman, flirted, escalated, attempted a kiss, then you should have no problem setting up a first date. First dates are a crucial interaction because it is the first “formal” time you two are spending together. Many guys completely blow the first date.

The two articles below contain the 10 commandments of the first date:

The 10 Commandments of the First Date (part 1)

The 10 Commandments of the First Date (part 2)

There. Now you’re caught up.

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