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Time For A Second Look On Courtney Cox


Usually, if an actress gets one big shot in the realm of television of being “the new hot thing” before the harsh glare of the spotlight becomes too much and they are forced to succumb to a diet of chocolate, ice cream, meatball sandwiches and every alcoholic beverage ever created. (see Alley, Kirstie) Not so for “Friends” star Courtney Cox, who has found herself once again gracing primetime television as the star of ABC’s “Cougartown”. Now, I haven’t seen the show yet, but judging by the previews showing Cox in various states of undress as she attempts to bed men half her age, she still has it. The least believable aspect of the show is that she, somehow, is having trouble having sex with guys. With that in mind, here’s a quick gallery of hers. Enjoy.

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Rick is the editor for TSB magazine.

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One Comment

  1. Tony

    January 18, 2010 at 8:04 pm

    Rick, yeah Courtney looks great, as does her co-star from “Friends”, Jennifer Aniston. It’s good to see the two of them move on with their careers, the likely reason for this is because they didn’t allow themselves to get hooked on drugs like so many celebrities do. We’ve all seen a lot of celebs who have fallen from grace and look like train wrecks.

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