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Hump Day Q&A: Tashia McIntosh Makes Me Question Myself


According to model/actress Tashia McIntosh’s MySpace page, she is one of the most photographed swimsuit models. According to me, my high school guidance counselor sucked for never mentioning that “Professional Swimsuit Photo Counter” was a real job. Seriously, Mrs. King how did you leave that out during all of those one-on-one sessions filled with the “stick to writing, there’s a bright future in journalism” speeches? Sorry, I got a little carried away.

You didn’t come here to watch me ask myself questions, you’re here for the conversation I had with this 24 year-old model from Los Angeles who has appeared in ads for Affliction’s Sinful line and had what she describes as a “small, small tiny role” in “Entourage.”

If you want to see Tashia in various small, small tiny bikinis be sure to scroll down beyond the words.


In regards to you being one of the most photographed swimsuit models, do the photos where you’re not wearing the top of the swimsuit count? We’re not complaining at all about the topless shots, just trying to get a better understanding of how these stats work.

Um, yes it counts and I’m not topless it’s just an illusion.

As a girl who grew up going to church twice a week, did you ever think you’d end up modeling for a clothing line called Sinful?

No, I never thought I would ever model period. I was always into acting but just fell into modeling.

Just because you’re working for Sinful, doesn’t mean you actually are sinful, right?

I think everyone has a “sinful” side.

You were in an episode of “Entourage.”  I’m not going to ask if Jeremy Piven hit on you. Instead, I will ask you how long it took for him to hit on you?

It was a lot of fun and Jeremy was actually really sweet.

I’m sure he was. Besides Jeremy Piven, who’s the most famous guy to hit on you?

Well that’s not something I need to talk about, but I did meet Leonardo DiCaprio, my favorite actor, and I was speechless. Other than that I’m not really the “star struck” type.

What’s the biggest mistake guys make when they approach you?

Come to close into my face or are too touchy feely.

Before picking you up for a first date, a guy should make sure he does what?

Takes a shower. I like clean guys.

What’s been the highlight of your first 10 years in modeling?

Living my dreams to the fullest and being able to support myself while doing it. It’s a tough business and not a steady paycheck. I have met so many wonderful people and have seen places that I probably wouldn’t have had the chance to if it weren’t for my job.

What’s next for you?

I am just working really hard. I really want to get into Sports Illustrated and, of course, Victoria’s Secret. I also want to start getting into acting more.

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