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Hump Day Q&A: Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right with Hailey Bright

Hailey at the pier

We love video games because it allows us to escape our boring lives to shoot the bad guys, throw a no-hitter and save the princess.   Once you hit the power button on your XBOX 360, all the points are erased and the glory of victory is gone. You can forget about the princess, thanks to your endless hours of gaming that girl’s gone – unless, of course, you’ve scored one of the few girls in the world who knows her way around a joystick like Hailey Bright.  The model, actress and host of Coin-Op TV took some time to talk to TSBMag.

You’re the host of Coin-Op TV, a show about video games. Would you say that you are a gamer?

I would classify myself as a casual gamer. I try to game a few days a week. I spend a lot of time playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Right now I have been playing a lot of Lego Rock Band, Guitar Hero World Tour, and Band Hero!

Could a date with you consist of sitting down and playing a video game? If so, what game would we play?

YES. It probably wouldn’t just be playing a game though. Maybe grabbing pizza for dinner and then hitting up an arcade to play some old-school Pac-Man or Q-Bert. That would be fun!

Coin-Op TV is nominated for a Streamy Award for “Best Hosted Web Series.” If you win, who’s the first person you’ll thank with your acceptance speech? Don’t worry you don’t have to thank me or TSB Magazine first, we’d be happy with being mentioned second.

I will probably thank my mom and dad for always believing in me and supporting me. And then, I will definitely thank Robert Welkner for bringing me on to be part of the Coin-Op team! He’s wonderful!

You’re used to doing the interviewing not being interviewed, you just picked up another hosting gig with Microsoft and Zune  LA, who was the most difficult interview you’ve ever had? Who was your favorite interview?

The most difficult interview was probably my first interview ever with Daniel Kayser from Gametrailers. He was wonderful, but I was brand new to the industry and had no idea what I was doing. I was even pointing the mic at myself when he was speaking. I mean, I was really clueless!

And, I would say my favorite interview moment ever was from the Spike TV Video Game Awards last year when I asked 50 Cent “How does it feel to be performing tonight?”  and he answered, “I feel like the focus. Like everyone loves me!” I thought, “Ok, that’s hilarious!”

You were recently in a film called “Palo Alto” with Ben Savage. Were you a fan of “Boy Meets World” when you were younger? Did you ever watch that show and think one day you’d be co-starring with Ben?

I was a fan of “Boy Meets World.”  (Laughing) I remember thinking Topanga was one lucky girl!  As a kid, it never crossed my mind that I would work with Ben, but I am glad I did because he was such an amazing and professional person to work with. I would love to work with him again in the future!

Is it appropriate for a guy to use text message, Facebook, email or instant message to ask you out?

Text Message works the best! I always have my phone on me and will end up checking that first. And, it also seems more personal than an email or facebook message.

If a guy isn’t sure if you’re interested, what signs should he look for from you?

I like funny guys- so I tend to laugh a lot when I am around a guy I like. Also- I notice that I make strong eye contact with someone I am interested in. These are both great signs I want you to ask me out!

Check out some of these photos of Hailey we scored.  Not enough, there’s some more Bright-ness to be seen at

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