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Hump Day Q&A: We Give Jazmin Lopez Tr3s Thumbs Up


Jazmin Lopez hosts ReMexa, a show covering regional Mexican music for MTV Tr3s. Yes, I just used the words “music” and “MTV” in the same sentence. TSBMag was lucky enough to sit down and talk to Lopez about her work with MTV Tr3s, her singing career, her move to Los Angeles from a small town in Texas, and her boyfriend – former NFL defensive lineman and current ESPN analyst Marcellus Wiley.

Aside from the language, what’s the biggest difference between MTV and MTV Tr3s? I noticed, for example, that you guys actually play music.

Pretty much that’s it. The music. We have some of the same shows you’d see on MTV except they’re in Spanish. For example, we have “My Sweet Sixteen” but on MTV Tr3s it’s called “Quiero Mis Quince.”  For Hispanics, you celebrate your 15th birthday – your Quinceañera. MTV Cribs, they have that as well. It’s very similar to what you’ll find on MTV but targeted for our Latin fanbase.

And what about your show, ReMexa?

My show is more directed towards the regional Mexican genre of music. That’s the style of music we cover. We interview the bands, go to their concerts.

You’re an artist as well. Your style of music is called “duranguense.” How would you describe duranguense?

It’s still regional Mexican music it’s just a little more uptempo. There isn’t a bass guitar in our genre of music.  There’s a regular drum set, more saxophones, two pianos which carry the bass and the melody. You have a big old bass drum and high hat cymbals. It’s a faster style.

Is it important for you that people realize you were a musician long before your time on MTV Tr3s?

I think it is very important for people to know that. I’m a singer first before I’m a TV host. I started out doing my singing. That is my main priority. TV is something that I can do and it comes naturally. I love being in front of the camera. It’s not just a girl that is on TV and all of the sudden she wants to try singing. No, I’ve been doing it for a very long time.

How has your career as an artist helped you in your current role with ReMexa?

All the bands that I’m interviewing now, I’ve either toured with them already. I’ve met them. I’m friends with them. I pretty much know everyone already. It’s fun when you already know the people you’re talking to on camera.  If there’s some gossip going on at the moment, it’s easier for the artists to talk about it with me because I’m like ‘Come on, you know me, loosen up. Tell me what happened for real?’ It’s definitely a lot better when you have that relationship with the artist. They don’t feel like they need have their guard up, it’s like they’re spending some time with one of their friends.

You’ve only be in LA for 10 months now. Is there any celebrity sighting you’ve had in your short time here that stands out?

I just saw Gene Simmons, from Kiss, while I was out on Runyon Canyon. I’m from Bracketville, TX so I’m still a little star struck. I was there with some friends and when I saw him I turned around and did the ‘Gene Simmons tongue out’ thing. My friends were like you’re so groupie. You got to understand I’m from a small town. All I see are deer and goats and cows. I know I’ll get used to seeing celebrities eventually.

You moved out here because of your job with MTV Tr3s. Unlike most people who move to LA, you came here with a job already. I was not one of those people.

Yeah when I first got here people were telling me I should be thankful that I came here a job already lined up. So many people come to LA hoping to find anything.  Where did you come from?


My boyfriend goes to Connecticut every week. He goes to Bristol because he works for ESPN. He’s Marcellus Wiley. Being with him has really opened up LA to me. He’s got events like every other day. It’s funny because I never knew him before we started dating and I’m a big sports fan. I love football, basketball, I’m a big UFC fan. I’m big time into sports. When I met him I was like ‘How come I’ve never heard of you?’ I liked the Cowboys. Anyone that’s from Texas is obsessed with the Dallas Cowboys but I never knew of him. I was like ‘Did you play? Were you any good?’

Was he offended?

No. We were just going back and forth for a while having some fun with it. I said to him though, it’s ok because you know that I’m with you for the right reasons.

Now I ask him to bring out some tapes because I want to watch him. I want to see what he was like on the field. When we’re out and people come up to him and say ‘Marcellus Wiley! We loved you! You were the best!’ I never knew that side of him, so that’s why I’m always asking him to pull out some tapes.

How long have you guys been together?

Not long after I got to LA. My makeup artist introduced me to him. We met one day at a Puerto Rican restaurant. It’s funny because he talked to everyone but me. He danced with everyone but me. He said ‘I had my eye on you so I couldn’t be all over you.’

He was with a girl that day. I didn’t know if that was his girlfriend or not but we exchanged numbers. I was the one who texted him the next day. I thanked him, because he had taken care of us the whole night. So I sent him a text to thank him. He text me back and said let’s keep in touch. We went out to an event that night, he said ‘I know you’re new to LA, you should come with me to this event.’

We’ve literally been together since that day. Everyday since that day, except for the days we have to go off for work. We’ve been inseparable.

When you saw him there with that other girl, did you get jealous?

No because I didn’t go there with the intentions of meeting anyone. It was more like ‘So is that your girl?’

That night when I met him though, I sent a text to my friend. I said ‘Oh my God! You’re never going to believe who is sitting in front of me right now – Marcellus Wiley from the Dallas Cowboys. Do you know him?’ My friend texted me back saying ‘Hell yeah, I know him.’ And I said ‘Good, because I don’t.’

It was funny. We laugh about it now.

Do you get jealous at all about the attention he gets from other women?

He’s been in this business forever, this is what he does. You can’t avoid it. There’s women all over him all the time. He’s a flirt. He likes attention, which isn’t bad. Whatever, go ahead!  As long as you respect me and you give me my place whenever you have to than I have no problem with you talking to some girl.

If they’re trying to hug you a certain way or they’re trying to go at you a certain way, then it’s your job to cut them off and say ‘I have a girlfriend.’ He’s very good at that. I’ve seen him do that, I’ve heard him do that. I’ve seen the way he plays it off, he’ll say something like ‘Oh no girl, you know I ain’t going there.’

I don’t worry because he respects me and he gives me my place. The trust is there.   When we go out and he goes off and talks with his friends and girls come up to him, it’s not a big deal. It happens all the time. Plus I’m in the business as well, and he understands that people will come up to me and ask for pictures as well. So it goes both ways.

You can get a lot more of Lopez on MTV Tr3s’ ReMexa 12 pm and 6 pm every weekday or at her MySpace page. You can also follow Jazmin on Twitter.

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