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(Non) Hump Day Q&A: Hitting the Jackpot with Amy Rubin

[Ed. Note: Well, looks who’s in luck this week? You guys! That’s right, you get a totally second Hump Day Q&A, even though today’s not technically Hump Day, to take you through the weekend.]


Finding an eye catching female in Las Vegas is not difficult at all. Just walk down the strip at any time of day, and someone will hand you a flyer of a hot chick and the hotline that may or may not deliver her. If you like your women in Vegas to be of the non-professional variety, than our girl Amy Rubin just might be able to help. Amy’s an expert on finding love in Las Vegas who can be heard on her Internet radio show, “Amy’s Heart After Dark”. We had a chance to exchange emails with Amy about Sinning in Sin City and much more.

Tell me a little more about your Internet radio show, Amy’s Heart After Dark.

“Amy’s Heart After Dark” is a show about playing, living, loving and flirting in Vegas. Vegas has it all, bright lights, beautiful people, money, sex and any fantasy you could ever desire. So I research how people find real love in a place where everything is imaginary. We talk about everything from dating and relationships to one-night-stands and wild sex. It is real talk with real people looking for love in all the wrong places.

What’s the most common question you get from listeners on your show?

Where do I go to find a good man or woman?

Does being on an Internet radio show allow you to cover topics you couldn’t cover on terrestrial radio?

I do think it allows you to be more open to discuss topics that are taboo on syndicated station’s. Anything goes. I feel like people are more willing to open up about what really happens out there in the dating world. It is amazing how much bull crap people have to go through to find a decent person…

What do you enjoy most about living in Sin City?

Vegas has so many opportunities. The city never shuts down and you can get anything you want anytime of the day or night. I think you also meet the most interesting people in the world in this city. People are not afraid to be, do or say anything! It is kind of refreshing to see everybody’s good, bad and ugly just laid out before your very eyes…

What advice do you have a guy looking for some fun in Las Vegas? What are a couple do’s and don’ts for a weekend of fun in Vegas?

Vegas is a sexy town with some of the most beautiful women in the world. If you are a guy looking for a good time then you have hit the jack pot! This is the place to let your fantasies go wild for a weekend. I would hit one of the hot nightclubs and then maybe go to a late night after hours at one of the many pleasure palace strip clubs for some dessert. If you are single and a guy, live it up!

Vegas also has so much to offer for you love birds. Treat yourself to a luxurious couples massage at one of the many magnificent spas. I would then treat your sweetie to a delectable dinner at your choice of cuisine and a fantastic show followed by a romantic soak in a bubble bath…Amore

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