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Hump Day Q&A: Oh Say Can You See America Olivo

America Olivo nude

Bitch Slap is everything a movie should be. It’s fun, it’s got hot girls and it’s crazy violent. And oh by the way, America Olivo is in it. Yeah, that America Olivo: The Playboy cover girl, who you’ve also seen in films like Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and the remake of Friday the 13th. Fortunately for you, the Bitch Slap DVD just hit shelves this week. Once you’re done pledging your allegiance to America, run out and buy yourself a copy. Also, feel free to glance over at the words below too.  It’s definitely worth it, unless of course, you’re not interested in America’s take on girl-on-girl scenes. This exchange between America and I isn’t all about getting it on with other chicks though. In our email exchange, we also chat about cheesy headlines, her next movies and showing it all (and we mean all) in Playboy.

How did this role in Bitch Slap come to you? Why did you want to do it?

I had just finished filming a thriller feature called Circle and was fresh off of General Hospital when I received a phone call from Luke Daniels, producer of Circle, who asked if it would be okay to pass along my number to his friend who recently saw a screening of Circle. I didn’t realize it was legendary Rick Jacobson who had directed my brother-in-law, Jason Brooks, in many episodes of Baywatch Hawaii and didn’t put much thought into the call. Rick said he’d send me a script, that I was to read 20 pages and call him back to say whether I “got it” or not. If I “got it” and was interested in doing it, he said I was to meet him IMMEDIATELY, in Chatsworth at the Associate Producer, Brian Peck’s, house for an audition. Well, if you know anything about Chatsworth, you’d know what came across my mind when I saw the script come in my email inbox titled, “Bitch Slap!” I called my agent, Brandy Gold at Talentworks, to verify the legitimacy of the situation and lucky she’d already read the script and was a huge fan of the project. Rick had promised I’d be able to do things in this film that only male action stars usually get to do and that I’d be hard pressed to find another role like this one. He was absolutely right.

In just few words, why should our readers buy the Bitch Slap DVD?

Because it is a fun, exciting throwback to the “B” movie – not to mention the hot girls, fast cars and high-octane violence. What more could a man want?

There seems to be quite a bit of girl-on-girl action in Bitch Slap.  What does it take to make a hot girl-on-girl scene?

A few shots of tequila.  No, but in all seriousness, the cast of Bitch Slap had a lot of fun together.  At times it’s hard to do those types of scenes because you have 20 pairs of eyes on you, but since the cast and crew were all so close it was no big deal – we had a good time with it, and it ultimately takes two people being comfortable enough to let go of their inhibitions to make the girl-on-girl action hot. It also doesn’t hurt that both Julia and Erin are gorgeous girls. Who wouldn’t want to make out with them?!

Aside from the scenes in Bitch Slap, what’s your favorite girl-on-girl scene of all time?

Well, there’s always the classic Neve Campbell & Denise Richards pool scene from Wild Things.  I think most men would agree! But, Neve being my sister-in-law, makes it a bit awkward for me to claim that as my own favorite. I’m going to go with Mulholland Dr. with Naomi Watts and Laura Harring.

You were on the cover of Playboy in June 2009, where does that rank in your career highlights?

I never dreamt I’d be in, let alone on the cover of, Playboy, but when it all came to me, it was unreal. It still seems a bit odd to me. As though my mom went to an amusement park and had a picture of me superimposed on the cover of a well known magazine. It was an honor to work with Terry Richardson, and to be on the cover of such a legend.

Speaking of Playboy, according to your Wikipedia page your Playboy spread is “historic”. Are you more surprised that you are the first or that someone is actually keeping track of that sort of thing?

Wow you did your research!  I love that my appearance in Playboy was “historic,” and I think I’m more surprised that I am the first – it’s 2010, you’d think someone else would have done the same by now. Yes, I learned a lot about my self and my own anatomy – angles I hadn’t seen of my own body, in fact – through my Playboy shoot and the Wikipedia entries that followed.

If you could Bitch Slap anyone, who would it be?

Anyone voting against health care reform.

Where can we see you next?

I just finished a horror thriller called Circle directed by Michael Watkins and feature film, Neighbor, distributed by Lionsgate, is soon to be released. That also stars my husband, Christian Campbell. I also have a few other projects in the works such as a western called Dead Man’s Gold directed by Luke Perry, and another film called Billy Joel’s Car starring Jason Mewes. My music video for my latest Billboard Charting Dance song “Déjà vu” under Universal Records/Dauman Music is out in the clubs now and on YouTube and iTunes. So, please check that out.

Which is the more overused headline for a story about you: “God Bless America” or “America the Beautiful”? I promise I won’t use either.

I love them both, for their patriotism and their double entendre. Either one is a win/win for both me and the country. My least favorite is “I want to live in America,” the homage to the West Side Story song, which has  been recently popularized by my sister from another mister, Karen Olivo. (But really, no relation)

Want more America? Check out her Web site. For more info on Bitch Slap, head over here.

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