The Psychology Behind Rejection: Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box, Part Two

For Part I of the interview with Vin DiCarlo, head over here.

This is part two of my interview with Vin DiCarlo about his new Pandora?s Box system in which he has created a formula for basically reading a woman’s mind.

4.?Is it really bad to compliment a woman??Or is that a pick up artist myth?

Honestly, it?s 50/50. All techniques can work on the right women, and this includes compliments. With compliments in particular, the more ?player-ish? women love them, and the more ?down home? women hate them. Women with options and a strong sexuality can accept compliments without feeling like they owe you anything ? that?s really the key takeaway.

Because ?your girl next door? will take a compliment as your bribe into her panties. She feels that if she gets shy or giggle, you?ll secretly scream ?Cha-CHING!? and drag her back to your cave. Funny image aside, that?s a real fear she has in her mind.

So is it bad to compliment a woman? Well, it is and it isn?t. You can save your ass by giving her a very SPECIFIC compliment ? say about her clothes, or her shoes, or her posture ? and if she doesn?t light up, start a conversation about something around you two. This covers both bases. (But obviously, it?s better to know which one she likes and use the best strategy)

5.?What is the number one reason a woman will reject a man?

Really, the most common reason a woman will reject a man is simple: He?s asking for it. Your inner beliefs translate to women in very subtle ways. We all know she?s a better body language reader than even the most skilled man will ever be, so your little ticks of nervousness come across to her, strongly.

The odd thing is that women like a LITTLE bit of nervousness, as long as the man seems like he knows what he?s doing. The women we interviewed called it charming, and cute, and the like. What she couldn?t stand was a man who didn?t know where to take your conversation, next. The whole ?letting a conversation die out? and then standing there awkwardly was what we found women?s number one ?reason I rejected him? was.

The good news is that when you know exactly what she likes, you?re not wondering where to take it next, you?re simply nervous about doing it. And we?ve found that guys who use any techniques are usually successful not because of what they?re saying, but because of that certainty. They know this line worked for somebody else, so when they try it out, they?re confident it?ll work for them.? It?s a similar ? but more powerful ? experience when you know all about her type. (And when you can read her mind, which we?ll talk about more in a second, I think)

6.?What can the readers expect to find when you open Pandora?s Box?

A new perspective on dating and women. You?ll see the whole world through different eyes, is really what happens. And this happens because the ?double speak? she used to say becomes clear. You can see the message she thinks she?s telling you, as if she blatantly shouted it. Talking to a woman, and knowing what she wants next is simple, even child?s play, once you know what type of woman she is.

You?ll also understand why past girls either rejected you, or liked you in the first place. You?ll start to realize how you can seduce the women who are already in your life: dating your friends, dating your co-workers, dating other students becomes easy. Let me walk you through the steps:

1) Figure out her type ? And all you gotta do to figure it out is ask her three questions. It’s pretty simple.
2) Focus on three things ? One for dating. One for sex. One for relationships. This combination of focuses pretty much walks you through seducing her, then keeping her around for good.
3) Don?t screw up. And this is the easiest step ? Just follow the advice on her type, and you will get the girl.

>>>Watch the Pandora’s Box Video

Pandora?s Box makes picking up women fun again, and I think that?s the most important part. There?s no stressful guess and check, there?s just ?Do this and you’ll get her.? We?re kinda short on time, so I?ll just give you a link to find out more stuff. Don?t worry ? lots of this info is free. Head over here:

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