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Why I Hate Affirmations And Hypnosis

I myself tried affirmations, hypnosis, NLP and many other forms of “internal” work like this to improve my sexual confidence. And here’s what I’ve found: THEY’RE ALL 100% BULLSHIT! Here’s why:

BoredomAffirmations, hypnosis, etc. are all just different forms of SELF-DECEPTION. Meaning, you’re not good at something so you either overtly or subliminally try to LIE TO YOURSELF and convince yourself that you are. For example, back when I sucked in bed I used to repeat “I am a sexually confident alpha male!” in the mirror every morning as an affirmation. It pumped me up for a few minutes, but once actually I got in the bedroom with a woman I was still nervous as hell.

This was because even though I got “pumped up” from affirmations, hypnosis, etc., the REALITY was that I didn’t have the sexual skills to give her orgasms. And when she began to look bored with my fumbling around, all of a sudden my fake confidence came crashing down like a house of cards.

Here’s The Problem

Self-help gurus (and some sex gurus as well) love to sell you solutions to your sexual confidence problems which involve sitting in a chair for a few hours and visualizing some magic stuff which makes confidence materialize out of nowhere. This is because it’s so EASY to come up with an affirmations/hypnosis techniques which makes someone feel confident for a few minutes. The person walks away satisfied in the moment, and the guru makes a quick buck.

But here’s the thing: the only way that I’ve found to ACTUALLY build REAL confidence is to…


If your girlfriend stares at the ceiling in boredom every time you have sex because you’re not giving her orgasms, then this makes it impossible to have any sexual confidence. Deep down you know you don’t have what it takes to please women, and no amount of hypnosis/therapy/self-deception can make that go away.

However, if your girlfriend is screaming your name in orgasm EVERY TIME you have sex, this gives you rock-solid, unshakable sexual confidence. You know deep down that you REALLY are a sexually valuable alpha male, and that any woman would genuinely be lucky to get you into bed. So this begs the question, “how do I START giving women orgasms if I have no sexual confidence?” Well, you have to…

Learn Techniques That Don’t Require Any Sexual Confidence

If you can learn techniques to give her orgasms NOW, before you’ve developed your sexual confidence 100%, then seeing her orgasm for you will lead the development of REAL sexual confidence. And this will make all of the techniques work better, so you can start doing more “advanced” stuff. Eventually you’ll become so confident that you start doing the techniques AUTOMATICALLY. At this point, you’ll be so sexually confident it’ll be exactly like you were born naturally great in bed. This is the REAL way to develop sexual confidence … so why don’t any of the “gurus” advocate this?

ArcoBecause finding and teaching techniques to which make her orgasm even WITHOUT the guy being sexually confident is very difficult. The techniques have to be absolutely bulletproof, and they have to be very simple so that a guy who has just started developing his sexual skills can use them.

And even worse, unlike visualizations/meditations/hypnosis, it’s very, very easy to tell if it works or not. If it works, she has a huge screaming orgasm. And if she doesn’t then a lot of people get very, very pissed off.

This is why most “gurus” shy away from teaching actual sexual skills as a way of improving your sexual confidence. But despite this, learning techniques to make her orgasm NOW is the fastest, easiest, and most pleasurable way to develop real confidence in bed.

So, Here’s the Bottom Line

I don’t recommend doing any NLP/hypnosis/sit-your-ass-in-a-chair-and-convince-yourself-yourself-you’re-confident type of work. This stuff is a waste of time. It’s much better to start now and learn a few techniques which DON’T require sexual confidence, and this will soon allow you to use the “advanced” techniques.

Obviously, this is the part where I tell you to buy my book.

“The Sex God Method” which will teach you these methods that don’t require much sexual confidence. Order it here.

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