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Can Overweight Men Be Good In Bed?

Prepare yourself for some brutal honesty.

The truth is that being fat IS going to hurt your sexual performance in the bedroom ? but not in the way that you think. Most men who are think that the problem is that the way they LOOK when they?re naked is going to turn women off. And yes, this matters a LITTLE, but MUCH MUCH less than most guys think.

Case in point: One of my friends is a super-heavyweight wrestler and submission grappler. Now, the dude is athletic, but he doesn?t exactly look like a bodybuilder. He?s probably got at least 70-100 lbs of body fat on him. In fact, we nicknamed him ?Shrek? because he bears an uncanny resemblance to the ogre. BUT — he?s got a HOT girlfriend who can?t stop talking about how good the sex with him is.

So yes, it is POSSIBLE to give women orgasms if you?re ?I personally know many guys who do it.


How you LOOK really doesn?t matter as much as most guys think, but there are some other elements of being which CAN turn her off in the bedroom. The biggest one is its effect on your sexual confidence. If being makes you not like your own body, then this lack of confidence is going to be a turn-off for her.

Another way that it can affect you negatively is that you do need a basic level of cardiovascular fitness to have intercourse for long periods of time. This is necessary to do some of my advanced techniques, such as the Continuously Orgasmic State. You DON?T have to be a super-athlete or marathon runner to be great in bed, but it is important that you don?t get winded before she has an orgasm.


Every single guy I?ve met who I know for a fact was giving women orgasms has had two things in common:

-They were comfortable with their own bodies
-They were not completely sedentary and did some form of exercise

If you are right now, your long term best plan of action is going to be to start doing a small amount of regular exercise. Again, you just want to be as good in bed as you can be, you don?t have to go crazy with this. Ten minutes of jogging three times a week will be more than enough to give you the cardiovascular fitness you need to be your best in bed.

And more importantly, it will have a psychological effect on you as well. You?ll feel healthier and stronger, which will make you more comfortable with your own body. And I promise you this increase in sexual confidence will turn her on.

Look, maybe your genetics are such that you?ll never have a six-pack. If you wanted to be a bodybuilder and pose on stage in a thong, this would be a tragedy. But if your only goal is to be great in bed then IT DOESN?T MATTER. If you can feel healthy and have baseline cardiovascular fitness, that?s all you need to give her orgasms.


If you have limited cardiovascular stamina from being , then you CAN use techniques to temporarily eliminate this problem. Of course in the long run you want to get a baseline of cardiovascular fitness so you can have sex any way you please, but this is something you can do TONIGHT to give her orgasms.

To make sex less tiring and to allow you to go for longer, I recommend that you learn some of ?Sexual JuJitsu? techniques that I teach in my members? monthly video coaching.

Basically, Sexual JuJitsu is a way of moving your body during sex which I originally developed to increase men?s sexual stamina. But it also has the side benefit of being much less tiring and not straining your cardiovascular stamina.

The idea behind Sexual JuJitsu is to NOT be thrusting into her all the time during intercourse. Most of the time, you actually want to be staying still, and moving her BACK onto your cock. Here?s an example of Sexual JuJitsu position:

Let?s say you?re having sex doggy style. Continuously thrusting into her from this position can be very tiring and can also make you cum faster than you want to. So here?s what to do: Half of the time, rather than thrusting into her, grab her hips and MOVE HER BACK INTO YOU. You can also tell her to push her ass back against you to make this easier.

This feels exactly the same to her as thrusting, but it?s much easier on your body. There are many other positions that you can use Sexual JuJitsu in, but you get the idea.


You can be good in bed if you?re . But you have to have baseline cardiovascular fitness and sexual confidence.

Now, I realize that you can?t just decide to be more sexually confident, and the confidence just appears. We all have a lot of deep-set limiting beliefs that we have to overcome in order to be great in bed. What I?ve found is a surefire way to overcome these for good though, is to LEARN A FEW TECHNIQUES TO GIVE WOMEN ORGASMS.

Once you see a woman orgasming in ecstacy as she screams your name, it has a funny way of making your sexual insecurities and limiting beliefs melt away?permanently.

And of course this confidence just makes your techniques work BETTER, which will give your more confidence, etc.

And once you get this whole cycle of sexual confidence going, it?s EASY to maintain it?you just have to learn a few killer techniques to blow her mind in bed to kick-start the cycle.

This is where the Sex God Method comes in. Visit my website to learn more.


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