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Hump Day Q&A: Brittney Cason Wants a Guy Who Will Play with Her

Brittney Cason blowing a kiss

While most of America has embraced college football and NASCAR, I’ve found myself avoiding them at all costs. I don’t know, call me crazy but I like my football to have a winner chosen on the field, not by a voting system and I like my motorsports to be… more like that shitty movie the guy from The Transporter was in. At least that’s what thought prior to exchanging emails with the beautiful Brittney Cason. Not only is this columnist, freelance writer, TV personality and former NFL cheerleader talented and gorgeous but she’s also a convincing ambassador for the two sports I thought I hated. Thanks to this “Facilitator of Fun” I just might throw on a Tim Tebow jersey and scream at some cars going in circles. (Probably not, but I swear I thought about it.) Along with talking NASCAR and BCS, Brittney and I talked about blogging after dark, running into Michael Jordan, her need for a guy who can play with her and much more. If you want even more Brittney Cason, check out her blog on Creative Loafing.

1) You’re a big college football fan, which is not surprising because I think of all sports it has the most attractive female fanbase. Unfortunately, though, I refuse to take college football seriously until it figures out how to create a playoff system. Why do you think hot girls love college football so much? How would you solve the lack of a post-season?

I concur … college football should in fact have a play-off system. I think BCS stands for Bull Crap System! But that’s neither here not there. I would have to guess that college football has the best looking female fans because well, it’s the best sport. It’s the game of football played with more heart and spirit than in the NFL. There are typically a lot of school traditions surrounding college games, so it’s not so much about the actual sport as it is sporting event. But I do think most girls are in it for the tailgating and the boys! I mean, I’m personally a fan of going somewhere I can drink and hang out with guys …the game or race going on in the background is an added bonus 😉

2) You cover Charlotte’s nightlife for your blog on Creative Loafing, does going out now feel like a job?

Yes, it does actually. Because I can never just go out … I have to take pictures, interview people, and execute my journalistic duties. You can imagine how cool I look taking notes in the middle of a bar! And I can’t really drink because I have to stay sober enough to remember. But I’m not going to complain when my job is to go out. I just do other fun things in my spare time to balance it out – like, go to the library or the gym.

brittneyjordan3) Speaking of Charlotte nightlife, do you have any “I was out and saw Michael Jordan” stories to share?

I see Jordan out quite often actually, and he’s usually smoking a cigar and warding off groupies when I do. I even saw some woman hand him a headshot once which I’m still confused about – was she trying to be cast as future-ex-trophy-wife or something?! I actually just saw MJ last Monday at Charlotte’s newest nightclub BUTTER in which NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin is a majority owner. Denny had just won the Martinsville Race and he had a private party to celebrate, and Jordan was apparently on the invite list.

4) What did you enjoy most about your days as an NFL cheerleader? What did you hate?

The best thing about being an NFL cheerleader is the fact you got to stand on the field during games … best seat in the house! What did I hate you ask? … that question I answered in an article that was published in Cosmopolitan. In synopsis, I much prefer spectating to cheering (even if my seats aren’t as good).

5) You’re obviously a sports fan. Does your guy have to be a sports fan too? Does he have to be athletic?

Well it’s not a requirement for my man to be either an athlete or generally athletic, but I would prefer a man who can beat me in a race or arm wrestling. I want a man who makes me feel safe and protected, not a guy whose ass I can kick. And my ideal date entails eating wings, drinking beer, and going to a sporting event. And I’m an athletic girl myself – I go to the gym and love partaking in adventurous outdoor activities. They say the couple that plays together stays together … well, I want a guy that will play with me!

6) Do you ever get tired of being complimented on your eyes?

Not at all, I’m grateful for every compliment and ego snack … but I do get annoyed when people ask me if they’re real. Yes, they’re real … as is everything else on me.

7) If I pretended to be into NASCAR, just to be able to hang out with you, would you be flattered or would you think I was a fake?

Granted, it’d be easy to Google “NASCAR drivers” pick one and pretend to root for him … but you can’t fake the funk! If you actually go to a race there’d be no pretending – you won’t be able to help but be into NASCAR. It’s essentially a party where a race breaks out! NASCAR isn’t just Woodstock for Rednecks – it’s an extreme sport that’s exhilarating to watch, and race fans are the most loyal and dedicated of any sport!

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