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Hump Day Q&A: Jenn Grijalva Just Wins Baby

Jenn Grijalva in pink
MTV isn’t in the sports business, but their Real World/Road Rules Challenges are easily the most entertaining athletic competitions you’ll come across on cable TV. Yes, hockey fan, I did just say that. A big reason why you should watch this season (Wednesdays at 10pm) is the gorgeous female I was fortunate enough to interview this week, Jenn Grijalva. This former Raiderette, who has been on our radar since her days in the Real World Denver house, has gone on to compete in four challenges but hasn’t won the big prize yet. I’m pulling for her to win this one, I mean she’s endured enough as a Raider fan and look at her, how could you NOT root for this beauty?

Jenn and I talked how excited she was to see Fresh Meat, the partying that goes on the first night of a challenge, her “announcement” that she was no longer dating a fellow female cast member, fixing her beloved football team and much more.

This season’s challenge is what MTV calls a “Fresh Meat Challenge,” were you happy to see some new faces?

When I found out it was a “Fresh Meat Challenge” I was really excited because it’s always nice to see new faces. You get sick of seeing the same alumni that come back every season. It’s nice. There’s some fresh meat to play with. You try to get their skeletons out the closet and expose them on MTV. They’re vulnerable. They want to be liked and they want America to watch and love them so there more apt to telling their secrets. Putting them in the hot seat without them really knowing it brings me so much joy.

As an avid viewer of The Challenge, I know that it’s a tradition for that first night to just be an all-out crazy party. Take me through how that craziness commences?

When you get there as a veteran you know how the filming works. You know that when you first arrive that the first night is our one night to just go balls out. We don’t have anything to do the next day. You don’t have to worry about a challenge or interview the next day. So when we get in there we know that the first night is the party night. Everyone’s a little nervous because you’re around some new faces, so you end up drinking more than you’d normally drink to get yourself comfortable. It ends up being a great night. There are no enemies. There’s no game talk.  We’re just here to have fun, get drunk and see who we’re attracted to by the end of the night.

In the first episode it looked like you were doing a public service announcement that you are now back to dating guys. When you watched, did you get that same sort vibe?

You know what, I hate production for that. That was actually an introduction to me explaining Laurel (one of the new faces on Fresh Meat 2) being a lesbian and being curious about girls. So they wanted me introduce the fact that I used to mess with Rachel (fellow cast member on previous challenges). But since they didn’t use the second portion of that, they debuted me through this public service announcement that I’m no longer with Rachel and back to guys. I think it’s really screwed up… It’s not a public service announcement. It was just an introduction to a conversation that never aired. It was really cheesy and made feel like an idiot. I mean it is the truth though, I’m not with Rachel and I’m back to guys.

When you’re not busy with Challenges, where might we find you?

I’ve got a completely normal life outside of the challenges. I’m not very exciting at all. I spend most of my time, if I’m not working than I’m at the gym. I’ve taken a liking and a love to Muay Thai conditioning and I spend 90 percent of my days in the gym.  I’m either working or working out. That’s pretty much my life outside of the challenges.

What’s the biggest misconception about the fraternity of Real World cast members?

The biggest misconception is that we’re all a bunch of idiots; that we don’t have an education and we’re not intelligent. We’re not all superficial. There are a lot of intelligent people with good heads on our shoulders in these casts. A lot of people think we’re just morons who have no direction in life, and it’s true for some of us. But I think our biggest misconception is that we’re just a bunch of tools and we’re all just TV-hungry wannabe stars. That’s not really how it is though.

How would you fix the Raiders?

I think we need to start at the top. I’m not going to say anything specifically but I think every Raider fan would agree with me. We all know what we need to do and we need to do it quickly. I don’t want to knock my team too much here but I think there’s a lot of great talent within the organization that isn’t being used correctly. We’re the only team in sports that can take in these star athletes and not be able to utilize them because our foundation is so screwed up.

Tune into MTV’s “Real World/Road Rules Challenge Fresh Meat 2,” Wednesday nights at 10pm to see a whole lot more of Jenn. You can also check her out on

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