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Hump Day Q&A: I’m High on Veronika London

Veronika London in socks

If you’re like me, and God I hope you’re not, then you turned to Google to learn a little more about the insanely hot Veronika London after her steamy scene in the HBO/Cinemax series “Lingerie.” In the midst of your Veronika London searches, you may have landed on some photos of the 22 year-old shooting up heroin. Don’t worry though. Those are just photos from her upcoming film Jane Doe, where she plays a heroin addicted prostitute. You’ll be able to see plenty more of London as she will star in the second season of Showtime’s “Body Language” as well as the films: Mvnerva and Burning Amber.  I had the chance to chat with London, who was born Mexico City and raised in Toronto, about what it takes to pull off playing a heroin addicted prostitute (hint: watch lots of “Intervention”), as well as growing up north of the border, being compared to some American actress and more. You can get even more Veronika London her website here.

What kind of preparation did you have to do for your role as a heroine addicted prostitute in the upcoming film, “Jane Doe”?

Initially, the director actually gave me a list of movies to watch. The show, “Intervention” was actually a pretty big for me. You get to see how their stories turn out, they had a normal life until they got addicted to drugs and you see the process of them getting out, if they end up getting out. I worked at some centers for heroin addiction to see how people react in their mental state, because they’re really not there. They’re just kind of physically there but their minds are completely somewhere else. I checked out some prostitutes and how they work. There’s like little movements that they do that you wouldn’t normally be doing. Yeah, we just got ourselves into that environment to get some hands-on experience.

You’ve been called “The Megan Fox of Hollywood North” by Maxim. What did you think when you first heard that?

I didn’t really pay much attention. I just thought it was funny because I tried to find out what it exactly meant. So I didn’t really even think much of it. Other people read that and have been writing more and more about it. People just like to write stuff, I guess.

What did you love most about growing up in Toronto?

In Toronto, there’s like every nationality you could possibly think of here. It’s really nice to meet all different types of people. Everyone is so different in their values and beliefs. You’re exposed to so many different people of different backgrounds. It’s also very clean. That’s another thing I really like about it. And we have pretty good healthcare too, which is always nice.

Your dream is to be “on the cover of Vanity Fair promoting a major Hollywood Blockbuster-superhero film.” Which superhero? Who would be your co-star?

I’m a big fan of X-Men. I grew up watching it and I love Rogue. I’d love to play her. I’m a fan of James Franco and would love to work with him to see what he’s like. I’m very curious to see what people are like on set and how they are to work with. I think that would be a lot of fun.

You’re often described as “edgy.” Would you say that description comes from your look, the roles you’ve taken or a combination of the two?

I think it might be a combination of both. When I signed on with my first agent that’s how he described me. He said you have a very edgy look. I don’t know if he meant that because of the dark hair or the fact that I naturally already dress kind of like a rocker. It’s a little bit of a tom boy look but still hot and girly. And I like to kick butt in my roles. I like to challenge myself with my roles, put myself into dark, bad situations you wouldn’t normally want to be in. So I guess, yeah, it’s the combination of both.

I first discovered you on the HBO/Cinemax series “Lingerie” as a model who tried to steal the lingerie from the shoot. Have you ever stolen anything from a shoot?

No. It’s such a small industry that word will get around and nobody will want to work with you.

You called that appearance on “Lingerie” as your lucky break. Were your surprised by the reaction to that love scene? Did you have a feeling that that scene was going to get some attention?

I honestly went into it with no expectations. I got the contract the day before we started shooting so everything happened really quickly. When it aired though, I began getting contacted by magazines and other people started contacting me. I really didn’t expect that because it wasn’t such a big part.

What’s the best way a guy can get your attention?

A simple “hi” will do. I like simplicity. Just a simple hi always work. When guys try to do something big to get my attention, it just doesn’t work.

So you’re not a fan of peacocking?

Not when a guy overdoes it. Some guys try to go over the top and it doesn’t work. If it’s something that’s genuine, that actually works better. We can tell when you aren’t being yourself. We can smell it.

What’s next for you?

I’m shooting two features during the summer. One of them is Burning Amber and the other is Growing Paranoia. That film, Growing Paranoia, has to do with crystal meth. Another drug addiction film, I think I’m getting typecast now (laughs). Burning Amber is about demons taking over a forest and I have to kill them. It’s kind of like Resident Evil.

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