Are You Dumb Enough To Give Her Orgasms

Disturbing but true fact: Intelligent guys typically suffer from MORE bedroom problems and dysfunctions than dumb guys. And dumb guys typically give women MORE orgasms.

Why the hell is this? And what are those ?dumb? guys doing to please women in the bedroom, which us intelligent guys are not?


I know that intelligent guys often suffer from bedroom problems because I am an intelligent guy myself. In fact, back before I developed sexual skills it was really the only thing I had going for me. And before I learned how to correct them, I had every sexual problem in the book ? premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction … you name it.

And most of my friends at the time were engineers and computer programmers. These intelligent guys also had a lot of trouble attracting and keeping girlfriends because they were mediocre in the bedroom.

On the other hand, back when I was living in a house with five roommates there was one guy who was having more sex than the rest of us combined. This guy had multiple girlfriends calling him CONSTANTLY for sex ? and he was dumb as a fucking rock.

To give you an idea of how dumb this guy was, he once wrecked his car by peeling out of a gas station and ramming directly into a parked SUV. He would also drink a CASE of beers, literally every single day. He was a straight ?D? student in college, and the only reason he got a job was that his father owned a big company and gave him one. And despite his family wealth, he was constantly broke because he would waste his money his money in the stupidest ways imaginable.

So as you can imagine, it REALLY burned me to hear the screams of beautiful women having orgasms coming through his wall night after night, especially when I was having sexual problems myself. I would think to myself, ?I?m WAY smarter than this guy, why the hell can?t I figure out how to give women orgasms like he does??


So one day, I finally asked him. ?Hey man,? I said as he was drinking his 14th beer of the day.? ?How to you make girls orgasm like that night after night??

He took a long swig of Busch light, and thought about it for a moment. Then finally he answered, ?I dunno. I don?t really think about it that much. I just do it, and the girls like it.?

Thanks a lot asshole, I thought. At the time this vague non-answer did me absolutely no good, and just made me want to rip the beer can out of his hand and punch him in the face. But years later, I realized this mental midget had actually given me an important key to giving women orgasms.

The reason why he was so good in bed was that HE DIDN?T THINK. Not because he had made the conscious decision to turn her logical mind off, but just because there wasn?t too much going on upstairs in the first place. In the bedroom, he didn?t worry about anything. He didn?t analyze anything. He just was present in the moment with the girl, and that?s what allowed him to perform so well.

I, on the other hand, could never seem to turn my mind OFF. When I got a girl in my bed, I would start thinking about what techniques I would use to make her finish, then I would think about whether or not she was liking it, then I would think about what I should do next.

Of course, because I was in my head so much by this point I wouldn?t be able to get it up. So I?d think even harder about something which turned me on, going even DEEPER into my head. Of course, this just made the problem worse. And one day I realized that THINKING itself is the root cause of many sexual problems. Because I was ?in my head? during sex, and not completely present in the moment with her, she wasn?t responding to me as strongly.

Because what a woman wants is a guy who isn?t thinking about ANYTHING during sex ? she wants you to be completely attuned to HER. When you can do that, then she can also relax and become sexually comfortable. And this is what allows her to have orgasms.

And on top of this, once I stopped thinking in the bedroom many of my sexual problems evaporated. Once I stopped trying to think my way out of erectile dysfunction, strangely enough it wasn?t really a problem anymore. And once I got out of my head during intercourse, I was able to last MUCH longer.


If you?re reading this right now, it?s safe to say you?re more intelligent than the average guy. I know from doing seminars that most of my students have above average intelligence. And if you?ve recognized the importance of sexual skills and actively sought to improve yourself, chances are you?re a smart guy as well. As a smart guy, your brain is one of your biggest assets. You probably use it all day, and because of this you have thoughts constantly racing through your mind.

This is great ? outside the bedroom. But realize that inside the bedroom, having lots of thoughts racing through your mind is DEATH. What you need to do during sex is totally clear your mind, and think about nothing. I tell my students that during sex, they should aim to achieve mental stillness comparable to meditation.

Sounds so simple, but this is HARD for intelligent guys. But once you learn the techniques to master this, soon you?ll be able to be completely present and in the moment during sex with no problem.

And when you can do this, something magical will happen. She?ll start responding more strongly to you, and having more orgasms. You?ll be able to last longer, you?ll be able to get an erection anytime you want. And all your sexual techniques will work better when you allow them to flow from you naturally.

This how you can be ?dumb? enough to give women orgasms. Of course, I recommend thinking and developing your intellectual capacity to the fullest when you?re not having sex. But when you are having sex, focus on clearing your mind totally. Leave the analysis of your techniques for AFTER ? in the moment, just allow what you know to flow from you.


Just realizing that you need to turn your mind off during sex should be a big ?ah-ha? moment for you. But to take it to the next level, you need to learn specific techniques which can help you do this. Because unless you know exactly HOW to stop your hyper mind from racing, I can guarantee it?ll pull you out of the moment at the worst possible time.

In the Sex God Method, I give you 11 different techniques to achieve the mental stillness and presence that allows you to give her multiple orgasms. I also give you an arsenal of other powerful techniques for giving women orgasms.

If you?re an intelligent guy, the Sex God Method was made for you. You can use your intelligence to learn the principles and techniques MUCH faster than the average guy could. Then when you can use these techniques, AND you can turn off your logical mind in the bedroom, you will be an unstoppable sex god. Women will be raving about your performance, and no dumb guy will be able to compare to you.

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