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Hump Day Q&A: I’d Like More Maureen Chen

Maureen Chen looking hot

Maureen Chen looking hot

On a recent and rare trip to the newsstand, I came across a stunning, sexy young lady on the cover of a magazine wearing a bikini and standing in front of a car. I’m guessing the magazine was about cars but I didn’t really care all that much, I was just looking for more of the girl on the cover. Prior to picking up this magazine, the only thing I’d ever read about cars was my user manual so flipping through to find her wasn’t all that difficult. Within just a few page flips I found what I was looking for, her name’s Maureen Chen. I went home and Googled her to find even more photos of this Taiwanese head-turner who recently moved to Los Angeles. Sorry publishing industry, the Internet can give me more Maureen than you can.

In every interview with you I’ve read the interviewer comments on how impressive your English is. Since this is an email interview, I can’t have that same reaction. Aside from your English, what else do you think shocks guys when they first meet you?

I met a guy who read my covers before. He told me that I look better in person, I’m very friendly and he liked my personality after he talked to me….  Wait! Does that mean I’m not photogenic or my photos don’t look good?

What have you enjoyed most about the two years you’ve lived in Los Angeles?

The people I’ve met and worked with in the modeling industry. California is famous for import culture and my modeling experience is more diverse since I moved to LA. The U.S. is a culturally diverse country.  I’m glad that I live here.

What do you miss most about Taiwan?

All kinds of food. In Taiwan, some streets are closed down at night for vendors to sell different kinds of delicious food for a very low price. We call it “Night Market”.

How are the men in American different than the guys from your homeland?

Men in America in general smell better, have a brighter smile and are in better shape. They are very polite and generous usually. Guys in America enjoy all different kinds of sports, such as basketball, baseball, golf, weight training, etc. They’re into working out their body. Guys in America are into sexy blond girls with tanned skin and big butts. Guys in my homeland enjoy playing video games and collecting comics or different kinds of 3C products (Computers/Communication/Cousumer electronics). Guys in my homeland also prefer girls with skinny body, pale skin, with a youthful face and big breasts in one combination because they need to feel “motherly love”, a cute young girl seems easier to control.

I read that you’re into cars, video games, cooking and wine tasting. Would your ideal date consist of all four of these things? How would you fit all of this into one date?

Very good question! =) I’d love attending a car show in the morning, going home around afternoon and make a nice dinner decorated with candle lights (maybe seafood or prime rib steak) and our drinking game after dinner would be Tetris on PS3 or X-box. (One of my favorite puzzle games.) Whoever lost have to drink one shot until we get drunk! (Only suitable for an overnight stay. Drinking and driving is not recommended.)

Aside from modeling, what else would you like to pursue?

I used to desire a lot of things in my life – living a life like a spoiled princess. As time goes by I’m getting more mature and becoming very easily satisfied. I want a man I really love, a really cute dog and all my family and friends are happy, healthy and successful in their own way.

What type of outfit do you enjoy being photographed in the most? What type of outfit do you feel sexiest in?

Most of my work and photography is involved with lots of lingerie and bikinis but I would like to do more fashion, editorial, and commercial type of work to expend my portfolio in the future. I feel super sexy wearing lace or satin lingerie with a nice perfume.

I read that you enjoy walking around your house naked. What are some other things you enjoy doing naked?

Sleep. I have a blanket with me whenever I go. I like to wrap myself like a pupa and wear the blanket as a robe when I wake up.

What’s the worst question a guy’s ever asked you? Feel free to say my last question about being naked.

Measurements or anything about my body. I get paid by looking pretty in photo shoots, but it doesn’t mean that I like to talk about my body in a conversation.  It’s like a woman asking a man: “what’s your shoe size?” I just want keep some things private and I know exactly what they are thinking when they asked me that sort of question.

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