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Hump Day Q&A: Vianessa Castaños is Very Google-able

Vianessa Castaños in men's shirt

Vianessa Castaños in men's shirt

From our first email exchange I knew that Vianessa Castaños would be a perfect Hump Day subject. She’s beautiful. She’s talented. She’s doing a lot of different things. And those are all things I like to see when I’m searching for an interview subject but what really caught my eye was the great pair of names she’s got – Vianessa Castaños. Do you know how easy it is to Google those names? Really easy. In just a matter of seconds I was on Vianessa’s website checking out her bio — she’s a Massachusetts native who was raised in the Dominican Republic. Then I was on her blog where I found out the actress was just named the new spokesmodel for Esther Hadassah Cosmetics International. Lastly, within just a few clicks I’m following her on Twitter. Cyber-stalking is more fun when you’ve got to put some effort in, so I’ve heard, but when it comes to women there’s nothing I like more than a girl who’s Google-able, and oh the fact that she’s gorgeous doesn’t hurt either.

You have a very Google-able name, if “Google-able” is a word. How do you pronounce your first name? Is there any story behind it?

Google-able is totally a word! In Spanish, ‘b’ and ‘v’ are pronounced the same way, so I pronounce my name ‘bee-a-nessa’.  I was supposedly named by my brother. My mother asked him what name he liked and I guess in an attempt to say ‘Vanessa’ he said ‘Vianessa’, my mother liked it because it was different and so it stuck. In short, I am who I am because of a toddler with a speech impediment.

You’re a Massachusetts native. Do you ever use the word “wicked” as an adverb? For example: The guy interviewing me is wicked awesome.

This is a wicked good question! Wicked isn’t something I usually say, with the exception of when it’s wicked cold out.

You graduated from Florida State which is annually ranked among the best party schools in the country. Do you think the school deserves that ranking?

Here we go with this rumor again! Okay, I’ll admit it, FSU is a bit of a party school. Not that all of the students spend all of their time partying, but if you want something fun to do, you can pretty much find it any day of the week. As an aside, I don’t know if there is a ranking for this, but FSU has some of the best looking girls on any college campus. Go ‘Noles!

What’s been your favorite role? What’s your dream role?

Funny you should ask this! I recently determined that what I want is to be the female version of James Bond. I grew up being a bit of an action, comic book and video game junkie and to this day I feel like there are no real heroines in film and TV, but there are tons of male hero figures. I look at a character like James Bond who is iconic and has spawned a series of successful films, and I really feel as though there needs to be a female equivalent!

You look incredible in the men’s button down shirt. That’s more of a compliment then a question.

Lol. Thanks!

As a follow up, what’s the best compliment you’ve ever received from a guy?

This one’s tricky. To be honest, the basics like ‘you have beautiful eyes’ or ‘you have a great sense of humor’ are the best for me. Anything more and I feel like they’re trying to flatter me and not necessarily complementing me because they mean it.

If there was one aspect of dating men could improve upon, what would it be?

Conversation.  One of the things I dislike about dating is the small talk. It’s like guys get a manual with corny superficial questions to ask, and it’s always the same dry things. If I go out with you it’s because I want to find out who YOU are. Don’t talk to me about your money, your car, your clothes or anything else like that. Have a conversation, tell some jokes. Show some personality!

You’re very active on Twitter. What’s the strangest reply someone’s ever sent you? Have guys ever tried to hit on you in 140 characters or less?

Fortunately, no one has tried to hit on me on Twitter. Which is more than I can say for Myspace! To make one of many long stories short, a celebrity e-mailed me on Myspace once and I, of course, thought it was some crazy person. We e-mailed back and forth a few times and I decided “ok, he is who he says he is” and we met.  Let me just say, my first instinct was right! At first he seemed like a cool guy, and I don’t know if he let the fame get to his head, but he turned out to be craaaazy! Myspace and I are no longer.

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