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Hump Day Q&A: Crissy Hilton Welcomes Your Cheesy Pickup Lines

Crissy Hilton in bed

Crissy Hilton in bed

If you’re looking for a woman who’s flexible, plays video games, hangs out with Danny Trejo and Simon Rex and enjoys cheesy pickup lines, then Crissy Hilton’s your girl. Along with all of that, this Dallas native is also really effing sexy. Did I really just say “effing”? Hilton, who says she’s a sucker for tatted up bad boys, probably doesn’t approve of my use of the word “effing.” It’s not very badass of me. But she probably would approve if I could figure out a way to use that word in a cheesy pickup line. Hmm, I’m going to try to come up with one while you enjoy this interview and, of course, the photos of Crissy.

I noticed on your Twitter page that you were filming with Danny Trejo. Can you tell us a little about you guys are working on? Is he playing some sort of badass?

Danny Trejo and I were filming a friend’s music video called “Cracker Ass Fantastic” with comedian and actor Simon Rex. He always plays a badass. Haha. He was really nice in person. It was a fun group to work with!

On your website, you list “tattoos, musicians, athletes and love letters” as some of your turn-ons. Has an athlete or musician ever tattooed a love letter to you on their body?

I am a sucker for tatted up bad boys, but I like them to have a soft side as well. Right now I’m crushing really hard on one. (But I’ll never tell who it is) No one has tatted anything on his body for me. Not yet anyways…

Who’s your favorite Dallas Cowboy of all time?

My Fav Dallas Cowboy player of all time…. Troy Aikmen! And my fav Mavs player is JJ Barea. He’s quick and is a role model for all the guys out there 6’ and under. He’s got mad skills!

You like a guy who isn’t afraid to take risks. What’s the riskiest thing a guy’s ever done for you?

I have a guy that I’ve never met but been friends with on Facebook. We’ve chatted a few times but just your usual “hello” and “hi” comments. Recently he hit me up and said he had a B-day gift for me. I got this huge amazing painting in the mail. It’s hanging in my room. Then, a few days later, he sent me flowers. No one has ever sent me flowers before for no reason. I would have thought it was really creepy considering I don’t know him but he’s super hot, so it’s romantic and def something I’ll remember!

You’ve said that you are very flexible. How flexible?

Haha yes I am flexible. I’ll leave it at that…

On a typical night, where might we find you?

I’m REALLY nerdy! On a typical night you can find me at home reading, watching movies or playing Modern Warfare 2 on my PS3! (gamer tag: dutchessxo)  I love playing with my fans and friends! It’s addicting!

What can a guy do to make a good first impression on you?

To make a good impression on me a guy needs to have the cheesiest pick up line! I love it when guys are funny and can be totally goofy because I am the biggest dork ever!!

You told that you’d like to join the Mile High Club but are afraid of getting caught. Do you know any members of the club? If so, have you consulted with them on how they pulled it off without getting in trouble?

Haha NO! I should ask around. I think when you’re in a relationship with someone you should explore everything sexually together! That just sounds exciting!

What’s next for you?

Right now I have a calendar coming out in July. You can buy it at I also have my radio show every Friday live at 9pm CST on I’m syndicated in 11 states on FM. There’s so much going on! You can add my Twitter, MySpace, and website for more information.


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