3 Questions About Body Language with Cajun

Here is an excerpt from a recent interview I did with Cajun on the extremely important topic of body language.? Cajun, and a few of the other Love Systems instructors recently put out a program titled Beyond Words, which deals entirely with body language and sub communication.

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Can you just quick a quick introduction to yourself, and what you do?

Yeah, sure. I am Cajun.?I work for Love Systems.?And I?ve been teaching dating and pickup for over four years now.?Since some of you may have probably seen me on ?Keys to VIP? which was the TV show I did 4 years ago, like a pickup TV show. Other than that, I travel all over the world helping guys hope, teaching them how to talk to girls and show confidence and stuff like that and I am here today to talk about body language.

I guess I should start off by talking about why body language is important and why guys need to pay attention to this.

I have always told everyone whilst teaching that body language is really the most important aspect of dating science. When you first meet a woman, predominantly what she is paying most attention to is your body language.?What you are saying is registered second.?The first thing a woman is noticing is how you are standing, what you are looking at, what kind of expression do you have on your face, do you look nervous. All of these things say a whole lot more about you then what you are saying.

Body language is essentially what you are primarily being judged on when you first meet a woman, and even later on.?Everything you?re saying is being judged through the frame in which you are presenting yourself. And what?s great is that when you begin to take control of these things, and you begin to change your negative characteristics, not only does it change the way other people see you, but it also changes the way you see yourself. I found that when I began concentrating on my body language, and when I took the time to work on it during my everyday life, people?s impression of me was quickly changing.? I walked more confidently and even began talking louder and more assertively.

When you figure out how to work on your body language and change it, it?s one of those areas that can have a dramatic effect on your entire life.

Have you noticed any common causes of bad body language.?Or any particular personality types that suffer from this?

Yeah, I think the biggest difference is self confidence. And the good thing about it is that you can actually get more self confidence when you have great body language. I think there is a huge correlation with your body language and how it affects your personality. It is true of anything though.?Any physical activity that you get good at, you gradually become more confident while performing it.?Basic body language is no different. So you can actually change your natural self confidence by improving your body language.

Here's a good chart to follow

I always like to leave the readers with maybe an exercise or two that they can take with them just so that they implement immediately. Do you have an exercise or two that you can leave them with?

In everyday life: stand tall, imagine there is a string pulling the top of your head up as you walk. Sort of like a marionette or something like that. Just to keep your head up straight and you?re standing tall. Trying to envision yourself as someone who is a confident version of you.?Try doing that when you are walking that way down the street.

I like to think as I?m walking down the street ?Damn, all the women think I?m sexy?? Another way to practice body language is to just have a genuine interaction with people.? This affects your natural sociability with other people.?It gets you more comfortable being around strangers.?And this can have a huge impact on your body language.

Just putting yourself in a good mood by having a genuine interaction with people and having polite conversation can help you change. And the general rule, as you walking around, is be conscious of? your body language. Look at guys like Marlon Brando and Jim Morrison. You can learn stuff from people you wouldn?t think like those guys. People like Marilyn Monroe for instance who adopted a lot So slowly incorporate those things into your natural body language as best as you can that is going to help. Just start focusing on it.

>>>Learn more about body language here<<<

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