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Hump Day Q&A: Ignore Sara Tayte (If You Can) She Likes That

Sara Tayte sideways

Sara Tayte sideways

Ohio native, Sara Tayte and I have some things in common. First, we both spend our evenings playing video games. Secondly, we both think LeBron James will be playing for the Knicks next year. And lastly, we both don’t like cheese balls who try too hard. Luckily for me, the cheese balls who try too hard aren’t hitting on me, they’re busy with Sara. Instead of trying so hard, just ignore Sara. She likes that. We know, ignoring Sara might require you to also try hard (have you seen that 18 inch waist?) but that’s what it’s going to take to get this beauty’s attention.

The host of Playboy TV’s “Bad Bunny” would also like it if you followed her on Twitter.

You’re the host of Playboy TV’s “Bad Bunny.” Tell us a little about the show.

We do wild things like wrestle alligators in the everglades, shoot guns, etc. Hot Playboy Bunnys doing bad things!

As a host for Playboy TV and Playboy Radio, do you get to go the mansion whenever you want? For those who have never been to the mansion, what’s that like?

I get invited to most of the parties. And when I worked for Playboy Radio, I had a daytime drive up pass. The mansion is absolutely wild, way crazier then cable TV can ever show you. It’s a sea of hot naked women and very few men. All the liquor you can drink, and nudity is encouraged!

You said you’re looking to do more hosting. What show would be your dream hosting gig?

My dream hosting job would be a travel show, like the 90’s show “Wild On” or Jenny McCarthy’s old gig, “Singled Out.”  Anything fun where I get to meet new people all the time!

What are you up to on a typical night?

I’m actually a bit of a nerd. I like video games, believe it or not, hehe. But when I’m not inside you can usually find me out in my neighborhood, South Beach!

Is it true that everyone in South Beach is hot?

Unreal. Everyone’s beautiful, tan, toned and wears bikinis all year long!

And speaking of South Beach, what was it like having the Jersey Shore kids in town? Have any stories to share?

Actually, the South Beach nightclub DREAM hosting my birthday party this past May and my girlfriend Kristen DeMinco got into a fight with Sammi “Sweetheart.” It made national news. Google it, quite funny!

How can a guy get your attention?

Ignore me. When there’s a room full of 30 men and they’re all hitting on me, I’m interested in the one that isn’t. I’ll usually be so intrigued I’ll go up to him and say hello! Men who play hard to get are way better than the cheese balls who try too hard!

What do you think is your sexiest feature?

My waist! I have a 18” waist! Very Jessica Rabbit. And my very long blonde hair! Those two things usually set me apart quickly.

You’re an Ohio native but you live in Miami. Where would you like to see LeBron next season? Cavs or Heat?

Cavs! He’s born and raised Ohio! He should stick to the Cavs! But we all know he’s going to New York. We just don’t want to say it! But really, I’m a huge Ohio State Football fan! Go buckeyes!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Bungee jumped!  Never again… Haha!

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