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Most men have heard of a woman?s ?biological clock?, but did you know research says we have one too?

John Malloy, author of ?Why Men Marry Some Women and Not Others? conducted a research study that offers proof that men do have a schedule when it comes to marriage. Mr. Malloy surveyed 2,500 men and found that age and education level contributed to our ?biological clock?.? Men with college degrees were most likely to begin thinking of marriage at age 26. Out of the same men polled, the peak of desire for marriage was between ages 28 and 33.? He also noted that for men with graduate degrees marriage became important between the ages of 30 and 36.

For men, Mr. Malloy concluded, age and education level are reflective of maturity and attitudes toward casual dating versus seriously considering marriage.? Men who were pursuing their long term career goals also looked at relationships with women differently.

Signs That a Man is Ready to Contemplate Marriage

– He no longer has the time for, or the interest in, the singles scene.?For him, meeting women at bars is more of a turn off than a turn on.
– He has established his career and financial independence.?This points to achieving long terms goals like buying a home or other investments.
– He realizes that starting a family is important to him.?This relates to his age and desire to become a family man.
– He knows what he wants in a woman.?He is a man who has determined that shared life goals and values are perhaps more important than good looks alone.

However, even if all the signs are there you still need to be cautious.?Dr. Neder, author of ?Being a Man in a Woman?s World? makes this wise statement, ?[T]here are not too many divorces, there are too many marriages.? Think about this one guys, by preparing for the commitment of marriage in advance, you reduce the chances of divorce later on. While statistics have proven that most marriages end in divorce, it does not mean yours will.?Knowing you want to be married is step one and step two is finding the right person.

What You Should Know About You and Your Girl

Do you share common life goals?? It would be a big mistake to marry a girl who does not want a family if you do. How in sync are your views about financial issues?? Money is said to be the number one reason couples fight. Do you understand each other?s cultural backgrounds?? Inter-cultural marriages are on the rise and it may be that your perfect mate has a very different culture than your own. Do you have specific views on gender roles in marriage?? Have you considered who will handle the money, take care of the children or clean the house?

These are just a few examples but it gets you thinking in the right direction.? Remember that you are thinking of a life partner so the details do matter. Making a list may sound a bit old fashioned but give it a try.?Think of all the qualities you might want in your future wife. Just to get you thinking, if ?strong sense of family? is high on your list then you may want to consider a woman from a culture that highly values family like an Asian Indian woman. If you do decide to explore women from this cultural group, the forum can help you do your research.?Remember, failing to choose wisely may cost you later on.

Top Five Benefits of Being a Married Man

– You will have more sex than a single guy.?In 2006, a British research study concluded that a married man not only has more regular sex but also more satisfying sex.
– You will earn more money.?Virginia Commonwealth University recently completed a study that showed married men earn up to 22% more than single men.
– Being married equals more promotions at work. In 2005, the U.S. Navy found that married men were promoted faster and received higher performance rates than their single counterparts.
– You are more likely to stay on the right side of the law.?Single men were four times more likely to be the victim of a violent crime according to a recent U.S. Department of Justice report.
– Your life will be extended.?Single men were found to be a whopping 88% more likely to die earlier than married men in one recent study.

When you add it all up guys, being married is a pretty sweet deal.?It just takes realizing you are ready and finding the right girl.?For more helpful dating tips especially on how to find your dream Indian Women, check out our page!

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