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Hump Day Q&A: Holly Meowy is Purrrfection

Holly Meowy in black

Holly Meowy in black

If hearing a girl purr like a kitten all night is your thing, than Holly Meowy is probably your kind of girl. The model/actress who you may have seen playing Sexy Hitler on the “Sarah Silverman Program” or as a gold digger in a corn dog commercial has got an incredible knack for finding words that allow her to purr. The sexy blonde who calls Los Angeles home and I exchanged emails to find out what’s the secret to making Hitler sexy, what happens when you go on a date with a guy who doesn’t speak English and what’s next for her.

From the looks of your resume, you’re very busy. How do you pull all of that off? Is there any time for having fun? What are you working on right now?

Yes. Very, very busy! It’s been hard for me even to be in a successful relationship when work comes first! I do have fun though when I go to events with my girlfriends to network and walk red carpets to prrromote up and coming prrojects!

Right now I just finished a pilot called “Man with a Van” being pitched to VH1, MTV and other networks. As well as a few more pilots, another one called “House of Petals” and a kid’s show called “Princess K & J.” I just shot the lead girl in a music video for the band CAGE.

I also have a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie out called “Man of the House” starring Chevy Chase and Farrah Fawcett where I play David James Elliott’s (“JAG”) silly secretary. Also currently airing is my Wienerschnitzel commercial for 79 cent corn dogs where a play Goldie the Gold Digger. Some time this summer or fall the horror film I starred in will be out called “Lake Death” where I play an ex-prom queen, cheerleader. So yes, very busy!

Where does playing “Sexy Hitler” on the “Sarah Silverman Program” rank in your list of favorite roles? How hard was it to make Hitler sexy?

Hahaha. Well it definitely was one of the unique roles I have ever played that’s prrsures. I’d rate it like number 3, maybe because I got to work with Ed Asner who played the German Nazi!  I didn’t have to speak German or anything so the role was pretty easy, just wore a sexy Hitler costume to make Hitler sexier … although the mustache changes at the end hurt when I had to transform from Sexy Hitler to sexy Einstein! It’s a must see, so download it off iTunes or get the DVD.

You host a show in Los Angeles called, “Your LA.” What do you enjoy most about living in LA?

I’m a city kitty! I love LA! I love the fact that it’s a city, then its only like 30 minutes away from the beach, and from the country, so there’s lots to do. The weather is great and I like to dress up in tiny sparkly outfits and I can out here … where other places I stick out like a sore thumb.

I’m going to do something I’ve never done before. I’m going to let you help me come up with my headline. Here are my two options: “Holly Meowy is Me-Wow-y” or “Holly Meowy is Purrrfection.” Let me know what you think? If you’ve got any other ideas, let me know.

“Holly Meowy is Catastic”? “Holly Meowy Living Her Nine Lives to the Fullest”? Or yours are great too!

What would be your dream job?

To be on a sitcom that ran a long course like “Three’s Company,” “Friends,” “Will and Grace,” or “I Love Lucy.”

What’s the best compliment a guy has ever given you?

That I’m smart.

Tell us about the worst date you’ve ever had?

Haha. Well, there has been a couple, but this one time I had this lady who was a regular customer at the job I used to work at. She wanted to hook me up with her son, and I saw a picture of him and he was good looking, so I agreed to go! When he picked me up I realized he didn’t speak English so we couldn’t catmunicate at all. We spent the whole time at dinner just gesturing at each other like we were two mimes on a date.

What’s one thing guys never pay attention to but you wish that they did?

I’ve actually never had that prrrob, because I’m always in their face! LOL

What’s the sexiest item of clothing, besides the Sexy Hitler costume, you own? When do you wear it?

All the lingerie outfits I create. I wear them to the Playboy Mansion and they are pretty sexy and prrrlishous….

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