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Hump Day Q&A: Say Hello to Dannielle Cole

Dannielle Cole with cash money

Dannielle Cole with cash money

A day late, sure, so it’s not technically a Hump Day Q&A. But give us some slack.

Florida has given us so much. The state’s always good for a hilarious headline usually having to do with beer or alligators or backyard wrestling or some combination of the three. You can’t forget the chaos and confusion of the 2000 election courtesy of the Sunshine State. No discussion of Florida would be complete without mentioning the gorgeous girls the state has managed to give us. The latest on that front is Dannielle Cole. The 23 year-old Florida native who recently appeared in an episode of “Burn Notice” and I exchanged emails discussing her career outside of modeling, weirdoes on Facebook, skanks who enter bikini contests and what brand of jelly she’d let us rub on her.

Along with being a incredibly sexy model, you also have your own talent management company. If you could manage anyone’s career, who would it be?

Thank you! I would actually much rather enjoy managing someone who is unknown so that I could work with them and their imaging. I believe that is what brings the beauty out of talent management. BUT if I had to choose, I would say Adrianna Lima. She’s incredibly beautiful and talented.

You have three older brothers. How protective are they? Should I be afraid of them?

Yes I do. I wouldn’t say they are quite protective, I grew up as the youngest and the only girl … But also as the rebel. When I was younger I always got myself into trouble and always learned how to deal with it myself. They know I’m pretty independent and stand up for myself.

You describe your look as unique. What is your favorite feature? What feature are you most often complimented on?

I believe I have a unique look because of my ethnic mix. My mom is Vietnamese and Chinese, and my dad is Irish-American. I quite frequently get asked what I am, and it’s usually more fun to make people guess. I get complimented on my hair and eyes a lot. Also my nails and skin.

On Facebook, you have over 3,000 friends. How often do you get inappropriate messages from guys you don’t know?

Oh man! All the time. There are some weirdoes on Facebook. A lot of my friends love it though because I always have an “odd” message I can’t wait to share.

On a typical night, where might we find you?

On most weekends, I’m usually out gogo dancing or working events myself. Perhaps on a Monday or Tuesday I’ll be in bed watching TV. Every now and then I venture out to a lounge or bar for some drinks.

You’re very active on Twitter. Here’s one tweet that stuck out to me, “Somehow I just can’t bring the skank out in me… Sorry guys”. Please explain what you meant by that.

Yes, I am a Twitter-holic. It’s much easier then sending text messages or calling because everyone will just see your tweet, and sometimes I end up using it to vent or share something funny. But regarding that tweet, I was at a bikini contest turned dirty stripper hour. And I really couldn’t bring myself to do all the things the other girls were doing. I thought I was at Tootsies. Lol.

From the looks of your Tweetphotos, you seem to like to wear costumes. How many different costumes do you have? What’s your favorite?

Well I actually wear costumes a lot because of my jobs. I put together most of them myself, which is something I enjoy doing. I honestly have countless costumes, and they range from elaborate to simple! And I’m not sure if I have a favorite!

Do you have any hidden talents?

Hidden? I think I’m an incredible lip-syncher, if that counts! I’m actually a very good cook!

How can a guy get your attention?

A guy that I DON’T know would have to make eye contact with me across the room, and then wait for a while to talk to me. It makes me wonder if he’s going to come say something or not, instead of the guys that grab your hand and use the “Hey ma” line. Newsflash: Not working! Now if it’s a guy that I already know, I get very turned off by clingy and needy men. A guy that doesn’t act like he’s trying too hard will get my attention.

What’s the sexiest text message you’ve ever sent?

Hmmmm, I’ve sent a few, can’t quite remember what I say in them when I’m being serious. I tend to send goofy texts like “I’ll let you rub down my entire body with Smucker’s grape jelly. Mmmmm.” It’s 2010, you know you gotta be original!

For more Dannielle Cole check out or follow her on Twitter.

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