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Hump Day Q&A: Kazia Jordan is the Next Contestant

Kazia Jordan in pink

Kazia Jordan in pink

Game shows have left quite the impact on our culture. If it weren’t for “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?,” you’d never hear anyone say “is that your final answer?” Also, nobody would’ve ever walked into a men’s clothing store and asked for the “Regis Look.” While your solid purple shirt with matching solid purple tie is somewhere collecting dust, the beautiful long legs of Kazia Jordan are walking around with a permanent mark from a game show, her name. The Jacksonville native’s mom saw it on a game show. Now, Kazia is sitting in our hot seat as we fire questions at her covering her career, her ability to play guitar and a horrible use of a sugar packet.

You have a very unique and awesome first name. What’s the story behind it?

Thanks! Everyone usually assumes I’m from somewhere exotic but my mom actually saw it on a television game show.

What do you enjoy most about living in Jacksonville?

Definitely being close to the beach. I wouldn’t be able to live further than an hour from a beach!

What’s been the highlight of your modeling career?

So far two things: being in the 2010 Ker’s Wing House calendar. I was really excited about it and had a lot of fun with the shoot! Also being a Miller Lite girl, it’s so much fun.

Your portfolio includes an amazing photo with you holding a guitar. Do you play guitar or is it just a prop for a very sexy photo?

No it’s just a prop. The only guitar I can play is guitar hero!

When do you feel you’re at your sexiest?

After a good workout!

What’s the biggest mistake guys make when they approach you?

Trying to impress me. I’d rather a guy just be himself.

Fill in the blank and please explain your answer: I love guys who can make me ________.

Laugh, of course. Sense of humor is very important to me.

What’s the worst pickup line a guy’s ever used on you?

There have been a lot of bad ones, but I would have to say the guy who said, “Hey, you dropped your nametag!” and handed me a packet of sugar.

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