Old Spice Takes Over Internet For A Day

This has already been dissected, analyzed, linked and forwarded as many times as possible over the last few days, but since I’ve already made my love for the amazing Old Spice commercials known, I feel as thought it’s my duty to alert any readers who might have missed it about ol’ Old Spice taking it up a notch last week.

On Tuesday, the ad agency behind Old Spice (advertising firm Wieden + Kennedy, for those keeping track at home) went crazy on the YouTubes, producing and uploading a shit-ton of short videos, 180 in all. That’s right, 180 of them.

Some of them were directed towards Twitter users who were smart enough to address their tweets to @OldSpice, some of them were focused on celebrities, and one even included a marriage proposal. Because I’m without a full-time job, I watched them all. (Although, if my own corporate experience is accurate, having an actual job would have made watching these videos somehow easier.) Since I’ve done the research, I know the facts, below I posted my top five Old Spice video from the day they took over the Internet. Enjoy:

All of them, meanwhile, can be found here. Now, goddamnit Old Spice, give me a chance to catch our breath before you do something like that again.

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