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Hump Day Q&A: Brooke Lewis, Hail to the Scream Queen

Brooke Lewis lying down

Brooke Lewis lying down

For a woman, being called a “queen” of anything must be a real honor. Queen Latifah doesn’t count, she gave herself that name. The beautiful Brooke Lewis, on the other hand, earned her title of Scream Queen for her work in films like cult horror hit Slime City Massacre and her web-series, Ms. Vampy, (which due to smashing success has been optioned for a film). Horror enthusiasts, who Brooke calls “the most generous, loyal and supportive fans,” are crazy for this Philadelphia native. Brooke, who tells us she has seven projects in the works including independent films: Dahmer vs. Gacy, The Sinatra Club and Double Tap pulled over while driving to give us her undivided attention to talk about her hometown, the compliments she gets from those charming fanboys and of course, being a scream queen.

What do you miss most about Philadelphia?

The food. (laughs) No. I miss the people. Philly, New Jersey, New York there’s just a certain energy, a certain vibe. I miss being around straight shooters. Here on the West Coast, people are so kind but it’s just a whole different mentality. I don’t feel as though the people are as forthright.

You were nominated for Best Scream Queen. Tell me what it takes to be a Scream Queen.

Well, Tim I wasn’t just nominated. I won. I won! I just recently found out that I won Best Scream Queen. It’s the Golden Cob Award, which is the Indie/Horror/Sci-Fi award for best scream queen of 2009 for my work in Slime City Massacre. It’s a huge honor and I get to go to Indianapolis to accept my award and I’m so excited.

And what does being a Scream Queen entail?

You know, I’m still trying to figure that out. For me, I have a different interpretation of a scream queen then a lot of other people. I’m kind of making my own version of a scream queen. I’m going back to the basics like the Jamie Lee Curtis route, the Sissy Spacek route. For me, what it entails is being a powerful woman in the Horror/Sci-Fi genres, more so horror than anything. I’m committed to having a strong female presence in the Horror genre.

They say, whoever “they” is, that you need to be sexy and beautiful and scantily clad. Well, I think that’s very subjective. I’m grateful to anyone who thinks that I am sexy or beautiful.  I’m very open to doing sexy photo shoots and what not, but I don’t think that it’s all about getting naked and getting chopped up. That’s not my interpretation. I’ve never gotten naked and I’ve never been killed.

As you just mentioned, you are open to doing sexy photo shoots. When do you think you’ve felt your sexiest?

That’s a great question. You’d think it would be when I’m doing sexy photo shoots and scantily clad but it’s actually the opposite. When I feel the sexiest is when I feel powerful. When I feel like I’m making smart choices. When I feel an inner-strength. For me, it’s all about the inner-beauty. I feel sexiest when I know I’m making a difference. When I walk into a room and can feel like a strong powerful woman. That’s sexier than getting naked any day.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received from a guy?

I get a lot of compliments from the fanboys. We’re all human and I’m incredibly insecure. I’m not going to lie to you or your readers, I love love love it. I get fan mail all the time. People say “You’re such a little hottie,” or “You’ve got a great booty,” or “You’ve got the face of an angel.” I love all that. However, the bigger compliments are the ones that stick to my commitment to inner-beauty. The best compliment to me is when someone tells me I did a great acting job. There’s nothing better than hearing that your acting is tremendous. Also, the greatest compliment from a guy is, “You’re really a sweet girl.” I think there’s something to that.

Why do you think girls are so into vampires?

I’ve been obsessed with vampires since I was five years-old. For me, there’s this sexy, taboo seductive and powerful thing about vampires. There’s something extremely sexy about the vampire culture. Women are obsessed with the love, the undying love and the magnetic forces that vampires seem to have. It’s so romantic. I’m a die-hard romantic. I can’t stop, it’s like a drug. I’m addicted to vampires. It’s the love and sensuality.


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