How To Turn Day 2 Into Day 3 (Or Better)

What Happens After The First Date

So you?ve managed to get her number and convert it into a date. Congratulations! You?ve already demonstrated to her that you are worth her time. As an attractive girl with plenty of offers, this is no mean feat.

However, you still have some way to go before getting her back to your place to, eerm,? ?get to know her better?. So here are some helpful and occasionally surprising tips to ensure that you see her again, or maybe even later that night.

1. Choose an exciting date

If you?ve been in ?the community? for a while you?ll probably know to avoid restaurants on a first date. Nothing causes more awkwardness than sitting face to face with a girl and probing her (metaphorically?) as if it were an interview. However few people know what factors to consider when choosing the ideal location for a date.

Consider one obvious location alternative: an art gallery. Many guys will opt for a gallery for two reasons: firstly the art works naturally provide opportunities for conversation. Secondly, an appreciation of art implies that you are creative and intelligent; two attributes that many girls are looking for in a partner. However there is one thing lacking here: adrenaline. An interest in art may make you look smart and interesting, but it doesn?t mean that your date will think of you in a sexual way.

A much wiser choice would be to take her somewhere that?ll make her heart race. An extreme example would be a theme park, or maybe a horror film. Studies have shown that people relate a racing heart to the person they experienced it with rather than the activity itself. So by taking her on an adrenaline-filled day out you are more likely to spend an adrenaline-filled night together.

2. Ask creative and unusual questions

Assuming your exciting choice of date allows for some conversation time, be sure to make your questions interesting. It may seem obvious, but so many girls are bombarded with the same old questions time after time that they subconsciously develop stock answers that they dish out to any dullard who asks. You don?t want to be associated with ?one of those guys?, so think outside the box and try some more unusual questions on for size.

Remember, the goal is to get to know her on a deeper level, so try to elicit an emotional response from her. One easy way to do this is to play a ?Sharing Game? where you each reveal something new about yourself. Research suggests that this process can encourage feelings of intimacy from a very early stage.

3. Play it cool? at the beginning

There are often two schools of thought when it comes to dating tactics. The nice guy will smile and nod at every opportunity, hoping that by continually agreeing with his date she will think that there?s a ?connection? and will want to take things further. Then there are the extreme ?pick-up guys? who?ll play it cocky/funny, perhaps as a show of dominance or a demonstration that they can think for themselves as well as make her laugh. However, the best option is a mixture of the two.

Research has shown that by starting off lukewarm at the beginning of a date and progressively becoming more positive towards the end, there is more chance of a girl becoming attracted to you. Why? It?s simple, really. She wants to feel like she?s won you over with her personality, rather than her looks.

4. Use subtle verbal mirroring to increase your connection

Every one of us has certain words or phrases that we use all the time, whether we consciously realize it or not. By noticing these verbal patterns in other people, we can mirror them to create a connection. Here?s an example:

Girl: ?I love going to dance clubs. They have an intense energy that you can?t find anywhere else.?

You: ?I just got back from Ibiza, actually. Man, was that intense! Especially Amnesia. It cost 50 euros to get in but it was worth it?.?

It seems quite blatant seeing it written down, but in conversation, verbal mirroring passes by unnoticed. Why not try practicing on your friends to see if it works?

5. Demonstrate that you?re confident in talking about sex

This is an issue a lot of guys struggle with. They worry that if they talk about sex they?ll seem sleazy or over-keen, but if they don?t talk about it they?ll end up being cast into the dreaded friend-zone. Fortunately there are ways to discuss sex without scaring her off. One way is to change the context of a story by relating it to someone else. For example:

?Oh my God the craziest thing happened to my friend the other day. He was with this girl and?..?

Alternatively you talk about your own sexual experiences but in a playful and lighthearted way:

Her: ?I really hate xxx?

You: ?You know what I hate??

Her: ?What??

You: ?Sex?

Her: (Probably laughing) ?What do you hate about it??

You: (Launch into a vivid and detailed description of everything you ?hate? about sex, thus implanting the idea of you and her together in her mind).

By following the above examples I guarantee that you will stand out from 99% of the guys she?s dated. It may not be enough to get you laid on the night, but the connection you?ve built and the sexual ideas you?ve implanted in her mind will undoubtedly move things on a lot faster than an awkward Q&A over dinner ever could.


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