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Hump Day Q&A: If Soniya Lei Wants it, Soniya Lei Gets it

Soniya Lei on ground

Soniya Lei on ground

This week we’re talking tattoos, guys in Iowa, bedroom eyes and a multitude of other topics with Soniya Lei. This self-proclaimed “Really Really Big Tease” tells me, “If I want, I get it.” And if you want more of this titillating Thai model, check her out on Facebook and MySpace.

You recently moved from Iowa to Southern California. I know there has to be many differences between the two locations, but what struck you as the biggest difference between Iowa and Southern Cali?

The biggest difference to me, I would have to say, is the men selection. I figured here in Southern California and the surrounding areas I would have a hay day with all the amazing men. But, when it comes down to it the men selection is in abundance but quality men are few to none. We have a lot of eye candy but none are dating material. In Iowa you have a smaller selection of men and mainly all the good ones are taken or all your girlfriends have dated them. But, the men in Iowa you can at least have a conversation with them and they are raised good morals.

The tattoo near your hip bone caught my attention right away but I have no idea what it says. Please let me and our readers know what it says. Also, how many tattoos do you have? Where are they?

The tattoo says “There once was a girl who didn’t know love until a boy broke her heart.” I saw the tattoo on Megan Fox when she first got it last year on her ribs and I could totally relate. Mostly all my tattoos have a meaning to them. I have two tattoos on my right wrist, it’s my Thai name which is “Jib” with a bow because I love bows. I have my last name on my inner middle finger closest to my wedding finger. This is because my ex-fiancé wouldn’t let me keep my last name so whenever I do decide to get married I will always have my last name. I have “The world is my runway” on my left shoulder bone because, let’s face it, the world is my runway. I have wings on my right rib. I just wanted that to have it along with my hello kitty on my upper left back. I have “Love and fashion” going down the back of my neck because those are the two things I live for and the date of my adoption in Thai going across my upper back. Lastly I have a horse on my lower right back because I used to ride horses. Wow, that was a lot.

You say you can be a devil at times, what would say is the most devilish thing you’ve ever done?

I do not do devilish things, men just think I do because they fall for me and most of the time I’m not interested. So, they try harder and harder to win my affection and do crazy things and still nothing, so they get pretty upset. I am also a REALLY REALLY BIG tease. That gets to men too.

On your Facebook page you say, “You don’t know how hard it is being a woman looking the way I do.” What is the hardest part about looking the way you do? What is the easiest?

Oh gosh it’s hard because I deal with stalkers and men being rude when they holler and whistle. I can’t go to the store with no makeup on and sweats without being whistled at sometimes it gets old. I have people follow me for blocks trying to get my attention I pretend I don’t understand what they are saying. The easiest thing is whenever I need something or I want something I can have it. That’s just being a woman though.

You enjoy being the center of attention. Would you say that being a model is the perfect job for someone like you?

Yes, I always loved being the center of attention and to this day I love being the center of attention. If not all eyes or a majority of eyes aren’t on me I get bored and have to do something crazy to get people to look. Modeling is perfect because I get to be someone completely different than who I am.

What do you think of guys who tell you that they have a thing for Asian women? Is that a turn off?

I giggle. Who doesn’t have a thing for Asians? No it’s not a turn off, it’s just another line.

If you’re interested in a guy, what sort of signal or hint do you like to send to let him know?

Take it from my last boyfriend, if I want I get it. I just say “Hey, come here” and the rest is history. I am not big in the whole playing games and waiting so many days to call, etc. I am a very inpatient gal and when I want it I get. If that guy doesn’t like a confident go-getter type of girl it’s on to the next one because someone else will. But, if I want to take the subtle route it’s all in the eyes. Just give them the bedroom eyes and they melt.

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