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Hump Day Q&A: Esti Ginzburg is a Twelve

Esti Ginzburg in black bikini

Esti Ginzburg in black bikini

Your first anything is usually memorable. I say usually because there isn’t a whole lot left in the memory bank from that first time you blacked out after a night of over indulging on adult beverages.  But there’s probably a good chance you can vividly recall the details of your first encounter with breasts and the first time hitting the ignore button when the girl labeled in your phone as “Don’t Pickup” called.

I know I’ll certainly remember the particulars of my first time interviewing a real life Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model. It was a hot evening. I was sitting by the phone in my bedroom patiently awaiting a call from Esti Ginzburg, the gorgeous model who has graced the pages of the last two SI Swimsuit Issues. Then at 8:02 p.m. EST she called.

Ginzburg recently celebrated a first as well. This month her first film, Twelve starring Chace Crawford, Emma Roberts and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson hit theaters. Esti plays the sexy Sara Ludlow in this film about a high school dropout turned successful drug dealer in New York’s Upper East Side. This native of Tel Aviv found some time to chat with me about her acting debut, working with 50 Cent and how being in Sports Illustrated didn’t change her life.

This is your first film, what was it about Twelve that got you interested?

I just felt like that the overall theme covered something that is a big problem but it was still easy-going and approachable. I think the audience and the people who will be interested in this film ranges from anyone to anyone because it just covers everything in life. I just feel like it’s so close to home and you see it happening all the time and it’s important to talk about it.

What was the biggest challenge for you in making the transition from modeling to acting?

I guess getting used to the fact that I do have a say in things. That people actually do care about what I have to say and what I think. I guess it’s sad but true, you’re not really used to it when you model.

Aside from that, what are some things you enjoy about acting?

You get to analyze things and think about things and really put your whole heart and mind into the project. It really stimulates you and gives you the opportunity to really care about something you’re working on and to work hard. Not that you don’t get to do that in modeling but you actually get to analyze things, do research and put in more work after hours.

What surprised you the most about working with 50 Cent?

I think the biggest surprise is that he’s the sweetest guy. Sweet, sweet guy. He’s very genuine and nice, well mannered and hysterically funny.

The Wikipedia page for the film describes your character as “the hottest girl in school. Sara is highly promiscuous and uses her feminine traits to get what she wants.” Would you say that is an accurate description of your character?

Definitely. I felt like in this character, I could really let loose and kind of do what everyone thinks that a lot of people do. It’s very easy to just manipulate everyone to do what you want them to do. It was fun getting to exaggerate that. That’s what’s fun about acting you get to do things you’re not normally used to doing. It just lets me make fun of everything I’ve been seeing and give my own take.

In your interview with Sports Illustrated, you told them that real guys have a shot. Ever since you’ve said that do you find more real guys aren’t afraid to approach you?

I feel like I’ve been asked that question a lot lately. I don’t feel like there’s been any change in my life at all.

Real guys, take that as a hint. Before you approach Esti though, be sure to watch her “let loose” in Twelve, which is in theaters everywhere.

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